7 Smart Ways to Expedite the Mobile App Development Process

With over seven million apps available across iOS and Android platforms and the revenue of the mobile apps market expected to be over $935 billion, it’s no news that mobile apps & mobile app development have come a long way. 

Especially for businesses, enterprise mobile apps have become a crucial part of how organizations are perceived by their target market, thus making it imperative to develop mobile apps in-house or outsource by seeking the industry’s best mobile app development services that can reciprocate into business value and impact. 

Suppose you are a tech leader looking for the best enterprise app development examples or seeking mobile app development services to maximize your business. In that case, you must understand the intricacies of the mobile app development process and the time required to develop a robust mobile app. 

In today’s article, we will discuss the best ways of building a tech-advanced mobile app, and we’re sure it’ll be worth your time.

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  1. Prioritize Building an MVP

For business leaders who wish to lead the market with a robust mobile product, it’s advisable to focus on building an MVP – Minimum Viable Product with bare minimal features and essential functionalities rather than introducing the feature-rich mobile product directly to the market without getting the essence of the product’s feedback from the end users. 

Getting an MVP in the market will help you understand your customers’ expectations and how you can have a competitive advantage. It will also expedite the enterprise mobile app development process as you’ll already know what to include and exclude from the product.  

  1. Get Wireframes Done 

Getting low-fidelity wireframes that contain the essential details and functionalities will equip you with a rough blueprint of how exactly your enterprise app will function, the initial architecture of your app, and what you need to achieve while giving estimates for visual design to best cater to your target audience’s needs. 

Building wireframes will enable you to bring all your design and development teams on one page, setting a clear direction for the development effort and giving them a clear idea of what is being developed and how the mobile product will function. Thus expediting the whole process of enterprise app development

  1. Follow Agile and the Two-Week Sprints Approach

Another smart way to expedite the app development process is to adopt the agile methodology. 

Agile development methodology entails principles and practices wherein enterprise leaders aim to release MVP – Minimum Viable Product with the bare minimum features first and then release additional features thoughtfully distributed in phases, usually within two to four weeks.

Combining Agile and the two-week sprint approach refers to frequent updates enabling early entry into the market, flexibility, more visibility, and real-time testing, with a fixed timeline catering to user feedback and client expectations while continuing to do what works best for the team.

  1. Choose Cross-Platform App Development. 

While developing an enterprise mobile app, it’s best for business leaders to choose hybrid app development using the best cross-platform app development frameworks. For instance, building a hybrid application that works flawlessly on both Android & iOS devices would cut down the effort of coding two separate apps for two different app publishing platforms – android for Google Play Store & iOS for Apple store, ultimately speeding up the mobile app development process. 

  1. Third-Party Integration

Another most leveraged way of speeding up the mobile app development process is using third-party elements and assets. With numerous mobile app development tools, technologies, and frameworks, business leaders today have many third-party readymade assets. Using these elements not only slashes down the development time but also helps develop a feature-rich mobile app that intrigues the target audience to interact with the mobile product.

  1. Automate Testing 

For any enterprise to build and deliver a top-notch and highly performant mobile solution, aligning rigorous testing of the product is imperative. When looking out for expediting the mobile app development process, what’s better than automating the most tedious process of mobile app development – the testing processes? 

It’s no news that manual testing consumes time, and repeating these tests is also costly. However, once strategized, automated testing processes can run over without additional costs and at a comparatively faster pace, thus reducing the overall mobile app development time. 

  1. Seeking Mobile App Development Service Provider

When it comes to mobile enterprise apps, business leaders often seek mobile app development services that suit their business envisions and help them seamlessly introduce their mobile enterprise app to the market. Partnering with a well-known mobile app development company can expedite the whole process and ensure that your mobile product is robust, scalable, and well-equipped with modern technologies.


Time is a precious asset for any business leader who envisions thriving in the competitive landscape. And when it comes to mobile app development, expediting the app development process is as crucial as building a robust yet scalable application. 

Following the tips mentioned above, business leaders can significantly boost their app’s development and release time frame while securing a competent spot in the market. Further, if you wish to seamlessly develop and deploy an app, partnering with one of the top mobile app development companies is always advisable and can undoubtedly be the best-suited option for your organization.