7 Simple Coffee Table Styling Tricks

The coffee table is the focal point of your living room. Everyone who sits has visual and physical access to this one piece of furniture.


That is why making sure that it looks its best is often an endeavor that many homeowners strive to achieve. 


It isn’t as easy as it seems, however, to make this small table a source of style in your living room. 


If you’re struggling to get your coffee table looking posh, try some of these seven simple coffee table styling tricks. 


1. Tell a Story


Instead of thinking of your coffee table as a place to display art, think about how you can tell a story.


The best way to do this is to mix a book with the decor. 


For example, you could have a compilation of African tribal art paired with African sculpture and a woven basket. Or you could display a book on rare coins and a layout of your coin collection.


Another twist to this is by adding items you collected from your last road trip. This would be a great conversation starter with guests that come to visit. 


2. Mix It Up


Another way to add style to your coffee table is by keeping a mix of different items that add variety for an eye-pleasing effect.


You can do it by adding items of varying heights to draw the eye. Achieve this with tiered trays that display an eclectic variety of different objects. Or try stacks of books in a staircase arrangement.


You can also play around with different textures. Try mixing metallics with wood or porcelain with fabric. Make sure that the display has a balanced mix of texture instead of focusing more on just one.


Contrasting colors are another way to keep the eye entertained. You can use a color wheel to figure out which colors contrast with the others. Of course, you don’t want two colors that don’t mix with the color palette of the rest of the living room. 


3. Make It Functional


Just because something has style, doesn’t mean it can’t be a functional area. You can accomplish this with your coffee table design.


There are so many beautiful and interesting trays that you can buy to place on your coffee table. These trays can hold remotes and knick-knacks, and when you want more table space, simply move the entire dish.


The last thing we want on our coffee table is a bunch of water stains. We all know that coasters can prevent this, but long gone are the days of those boring brown coasters that mama had. 


Coasters are now a work of art. Check out this website that sells so many pretty coasters and pick your favorite. 


Another way to add beauty with function is by adding a decorative box to your coffee table for storage of things like remotes, keys, chargers, etc. 


4. Try Something Fresh


Why not bring a little of the outside in to bring a fresh air feeling? You can do this in a few different ways.


One way is by displaying some vibrant greenery on your coffee table. You can choose to have multiple small succulents for a more western feel or one big cascading plant.


There are so many plants that you can grow indoors with minimal effort. Many of them will improve the air quality in our apartment. Proflowers has an exhaustive list of plants that you can grow indoors, and you can buy many from them.


Flowers are another great way to bring something fresh to the table and a little romance as well. You can try switching up your fresh flowers seasonally. 


True — fresh flowers can be expensive and don’t last long. You can find some high-quality fake flowers that look very close to the real thing if you prefer. (But, you won’t get that pleasant aroma of fresh flowers.)


A beautiful fruit display is a more colorful way to add a botanic feel to your coffee table. Think of a vibrant array of citrus fruits in a pretty bowl. You can also display of mix of fruits and greenery to get the best of both worlds. 


5. Play with Light


Light is a fundamental part of design. Bringing light to your coffee table can do wonders for the atmosphere of your living room.


Candles are the most popular way to do this. Thankfully, there are so many different types of candles and methods to display them that you can still be unique in your use.


You can have tea lights floating in water vases or a tray filled with different colored and sized candles.


Another way to bring in light is with a whimsical lamp. This extraordinary lamp will bring light and style to your coffee table.


You can do many impressive displays using string lights. Try string lights stuffed in a glass vase. It looks like you’ve caught a bunch of fireflies.


6. Use Mirrors


Mirrors are also another element of design that you can use on your coffee table. They seem to add dimension to the room. 


You can use a mirrored tray or create a grid with dollar store mirrors for a geometric design.


You can also add mirror balls or cubes to the different items that you use place on your coffee table. 


7. Incorporate It All


For many people, a clean, sleek design is the best way to style, but minimalism can be tedious. Instead, try maximalism by incorporating all the above! 


Use your coffee table to showcase your favorite things on a rotating basis. Arrange them in a way that makes you happy, and in your own personal style.




After using one or two of these styling skills — you have another trick to learn.


Keeping your coffee table clean is a trick in itself. Since it is within reach of all your guests and family members, it sees a lot of heavy use.


Having a welcoming coffee table can add a comfy atmosphere to your living room. Keep the style you’ve strived for by making sure to keep any unnecessary items off your coffee table. 

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