7 Simple And Easy Gum-Relieving Techniques

Gum pain is one of the most annoying conditions that keeps you uneasy at day and restless at night. It is caused by a number of reasons, ranging from harsh brushing to having sores in the gums.

Generally, gum pain is the indication of grave oral health conditions, such as gingivitis, periodontitis, and thrush.  

For women specifically, gum pain or swelling could be the product of hormonal changes, menopause, pregnancy, or premenstrual syndrome.

If your gum pain tends to cross the normal threshold, it is highly recommended to see an Emergency Dentist in Rochdale, however, if the situation is not as bad for you then you can apply quick fixes to the affected area and enjoy immediate relief before your dental appointment. 


Take a cup, fill in some water, and heat it until steam starts to appear, add a teaspoon of salt, and give a thorough mix.

This saltwater would work wonders for gum pain, so swish the solution in your mouth and spit after a minute. 

The salt inside the solution would abstain the bacterial growth and therefore decrease bacterial activity, which is usually the chief reason for swelling. 

Repeat the procedure at least two times a week and you will notice a significant decrease in gum swelling and pain. 


To give yourself an instant relief from gum pain, try cold or hot compresses 

Hot Compresses 

Heat the water to a tolerable temperature, soak a cloth in it, and after squeezing out the excess tap the soaked cloth to the affected region. Be gentle with the compresses and make sure you cover the area, where the pain is shooting from.

Cold Compresses 

Take an ice pack and wrap it in a clean cloth, gently apply a cold and wet cloth to the affected area. 

Making cold compresses the part of your routine would subside the swelling and the pain as well. 

Herbal Poultice

Some spices and herbs at home can be used as remedies for gum pains and inflammation. 

Spilanthes and clove powder are excellent pain-relievers that have been used for centuries. You can also use turmeric for inflammation. 

Just take any effective powder from your cabinet and mix it with warm water until a paste is formed. Now apply this paste directly to the affected region in your mouth, let it sit there for a while then rinse it.

Repeat the procedure over and over again and you will notice a significant difference in your gum swelling.

Make A Home-Made Dental Spray

Dilute essential oils in water then pour it in a clean spray bottle. Shake it well, and lightly spray it on the gums, every time pain shoots up. 

Do not let the essential oil come in contact with your skin, especially when it are not diluted with a carrier oil like sweet almond oil. Furthermore, do not swallow the essential oil, just spray, swish and spit it out. 

Essential oils are incredible pain relievers, especially those of oregano, peppermint, and clove. They are equipped with pain-relieving properties and they boost blood circulation.

Use Teabags

Make the tea by placing a fresh tea bag in a cup of simmering water. When the tea bag cools down, apply it directly to the affected region of your gum and let it sit there for 5 minutes at least. 

It is recommended to choose a tea that has a high level of astringent tannins, therefore you should take green and black tea. Even hibiscus tea works great. In addition, ginger and chamomile are also popular picks.

The herbs are loaded with anti-inflammatory properties, therefore they soothe the irritation of gums.

Get Oral Anesthetic Gels

You can find medicated oral gels with anesthetic properties from any market. These gels do an amazing job, as they are composed of synthetic compounds that not only help to numb the region, but also treat gum pain. 

Take Regular Painkillers

If the pain is too stubborn and none of the aforementioned methods works for you, take some painkillers. 

Taking analgesics like ibuprofen, Tylenol and aspirin is a great and easy way to reduce pain. However, you need to be wary of the dosage, so follow the directions written on the bottle.

It is very important to take gum pain seriously because pain is the indication of serious health conditions. Therefore if the pain aggravates or does not seem to go, book your dental; appointment immediately.

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