7 Signs Which Indicate Your AC Needs a Repair

Believe it or not, even the best AC requires proper maintenance and repair. As the season of summer has already arrived, nowadays, you will probably have to keep your AC on for quite a few hours. Hence, the chance of your air conditioner needing repairs would increase quite massively.


But, how would understand if your AC requires a proper revamp? As even the best air conditioners require proper maintenance and repair. Fortunately, there are a few ways that can help you with it. The following are some of them. 


Leaky Issues

Due to the issue of a faulty condensate, your AC might start to leak water. If you do not fix it immediately, then it can damage the mold of the product. Furthermore, it might also promote the occurrence of mildew in the AC, which is, indeed, quite harmful. 


Humidity Problems 

As you probably already know, most of the AC models usually come with a dehumidifier. It helps in getting rid of the high level of humidity from your room and keeps the air fresh. 

However, if the humidifier gets damaged in any way, then, naturally, it would stop working. Therefore, the atmosphere of your room would become unusually humid. Furthermore, you might also get a damp or sticky smell from certain parts of the room.


Frozen Coil 

The coil of an AC generally helps the machine in cooling your room. However, for some reasons, such as dirt accumulation or refrigerant leak, it might get frozen sometimes. Hence, in that case, you would see that your AC has suddenly become unable to cool your room properly. 

This issue can be quite difficult to handle, especially in the season of summer. So, you should always make sure to locate the issue quickly and call a repairman. However, do not forget to opt for someone who is well-reputed and has an experience of working with different types of ACs



Almost every best AC in India comes with some components that can suppress its noise. Hence, if your air conditioner has recently started to clink or screech even a little bit, then it is bad news. 

Most times, the occurrence of loud noises indicates the issue of loose parts. Hence, if you do not tighten or change them quickly, then it can damage the machine internally. Furthermore, for the same reason, the AC might also start malfunctioning.   


Sudden Spike in Energy Bills

Well, it is quite true that, during the summertime, the air conditioners can spike the electricity bill by a huge amount. However, they can only do so much. Hence, if your energy bill has increased all of a sudden, then it is probably the fault of the AC. 

The AC units usually start to consume more energy when their coil gets damaged. Hence, to reduce the temperature of your room, your AC starts working hard. This, in turn, increases its power consumption and spikes up your electricity bill. 

Uneven Cooling 

Uneven cooling in a room is probably one of the most prominent issues that occur even in the high-end AC models. It can be caused by flapper malfunction or by a damaged coil. There is actually a way of differentiating between these two issues. 

If the problem is being caused by the damaged coil, then you will also hear noises from the AC. However, the flapper issue does not really make any noise at all. Hence, make sure to find out the main problem as soon as possible and resolve it. 

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Frequent Cooling Cycles 

Each of the AC units has its own cooling cycles and usually maintains them properly. However, if the cooling cycles of your AC have increased suddenly, then it probably has something to do with the machines internal systems.