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7 Signs It’s Time to Change Your Commercial Cleaning Service Provider

Keeping your business facility clean is crucial. This is where a commercial cleaning service can benefit you. However, not all commercial cleaning services can consistently deliver satisfactory results. If your current provider falls short, it may be time to switch to a better cleaning company. Watch out for these 7 signs that indicate your commercial cleaning service needs improvement or replacement. 

Visible Dirt, Dust and Debris

Removal of dirt is one of the main responsibilities of a commercial cleaning company. Evidence of dirt, dusty air vents or trash visibility means your commercial cleaner is cutting corners. Surfaces should look clean upon inspection without any obvious dust, grime, debris, or garbage. Consistent signs of uncleanness indicate it’s time to change providers. If you see any dirt left behind, you should immediately raise it to the cleaning service provider. When you don’t see any improvement, you may proceed with an alternative services provider. 

Bad Odors and Stuffiness

You expect your commercial facility to smell good at all times. Lingering odours, air stuffiness and overall indoor air quality decline are signs of neglect by your cleaners. Proper ventilation, dusting and sanitizing should keep commercial spaces fresh. Seek a cleaning service that pays more attention to air quality. When switching cleaning services, you can inquire about the methods they use to ensure air quality. Then you can decide what the best option is out of available quality cleaning services. 

Smudges, Streaks and Filmy Surfaces

Cleaning service reliability is something that you should strongly focus on. You expect to see spotless results at all times. Smudged glass, streaky floors and filmy residue on surfaces signal low-quality cleaning methods. A good cleaning service should thoroughly wipe down all surfaces without leaving smudges or residue behind. If you are finding it a difficult task to retain a cleaner workplace environment, you may look for a different service provider. 

Slow Service and Schedules Falling Behind

Cleaning service performance is another important factor that you shouldn’t ignore. Frequently showing up late and taking longer than necessary is unprofessional. A good cleaning company works efficiently and keeps schedules. Disorganization and slow service signify it’s time to switch. The commercial facility cleaning company you hire should be in a position to offer on-demand cleaning services as well. When you ask for on-demand services, the company should maintain office cleaning standards. You need to carefully review the cleaning service contract and make sure that they are specified accordingly. 

Declining Tenant/Customer Satisfaction

If you notice more complaints about cleanliness or unsatisfactory interviews with customers and tenants, your cleaning service quality is suffering. Increased dissatisfaction warrants finding a new provider focused on doing a good job. It is better to go through cleaning service reviews before finding a new service provider. Then you can find and stick to the most reputed commercial cleaning company. 

Unexpected Price Hikes

Some increases are reasonable over time. But frequent, large, or unexplained price spikes beyond market rates mean your provider values profits over clients. Choose a transparent company with fair pricing instead. If you are transparent about the cleaning service cost, you will be able to maintain a healthier relationship with the cleaning company. 

Lack of Communication

Your commercial building cleaning company must maintain a strong level of communication with you. Avoiding your calls, lack of email responses and no supervisory presence show irresponsibility. Good commercial cleaners communicate well and directly address any concerns that arise. Non-responsiveness indicates it’s time to replace your service. This will help you to stay away from misunderstandings and unexpected hassle. 

Final words 

If you notice one or more of these signs, you should consider replacing your commercial cleaning company. But you need to do extensive research before finding a new company for industrial cleaning. Take your time and focus on these factors, so that you will not end up with a similar cleaning service. If you are searching for such a corporate cleaning company in Parramatta, you may connect with Affordable Cleaning & Gardening. 

Taking time to research alternatives and switching to a higher quality, more reliable cleaning company that meets your business needs is better for your bottom line and customer satisfaction. Maintaining a clean commercial facility is too important to settle for mediocre cleaning services. 

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