7 rules to protect your children from the dangers of electricity at home

If before the age of one year, securing the child’s room was the priority, between 1 and 4 years old, you should know that it is in the kitchen and the bathroom that accidents are the most important. more frequent. Although these accidents are fortunately not always fatal, they can nevertheless result in serious burns, long-term disabilities, or even physical consequences. A few reflexes and safety measures will help keep adventurous little hands safe.

Tips To Keep Children Safe From Electrical Hazards At Home

1. Install socket covers

It is the first instinct that you must have. When your child begins to crawl on all fours, he is going to want to explore absolutely everything in his environment and he will likely take the urge to put his hands or small objects in a socket. The socket covers allow you to block the holes in your sockets and therefore prevent accidents. You can get any type of Transmission line Accessories or socket covers from Vaibhav Laxmi Industries. Just click on the links to visit our official website for more information.

2. Hide the wires and extension cords

Cords and extension cords wandering around your home are potential hazards to your children. Also, it is preferable to hide them behind a piece of furniture or in a specific formwork so as not to arouse a dangerous curiosity. In addition, try if possible to place your multiple sockets in height to make them inaccessible. Finally, don’t forget to replace any worn wires! 

3. Unplug electrical appliances you are not using

In addition to saving energy, by unplugging your electrical appliances you will minimize the risk of electrocution to one of the members of the household. Be particularly careful to adopt this gesture in the water parts such as the bathroom or the kitchen which are places representing twice as risky as elsewhere. 

4. Teach your children to have the right gestures

It is common to see children (or sometimes even adults) trying to retrieve a slice of bread stuck in the toaster using a fork or a metal knife. Often underestimated, this gesture nevertheless represents a risk of electrocution that should not be neglected. Show your child that it is better to turn the appliance over to recover their stuck slice of bread or invest in a utensil made entirely of wood that will not represent any risk. The right gestures also go through the right reflexes to instill from an early age: dry your hands well before using an electrical device; do not pull on the wire to disconnect an appliance but directly on the plug, etc.

5. Don’t overload your outlets

You do not have enough outlets at home and you use and abuse multiple sockets? Be aware that this can lead to overheating and fire hazards. Also, it will be better to invest in the laying and installation of new outlets to meet your needs.

6. Have your electrical installations checked by a professional

We are never too careful when it comes to our safety and that of our loved ones! Also, it is better to have your electrical installation checked by a professional to ensure that it still complies with the standards in force and that it does not represent any danger. An aging, badly maintained or faulty installation can indeed only cause more or less serious malfunctions but also and above all generate fires or other accidents such as electrocutions. 

7. Be careful when using cable reels Rolled

cords are widely used for simple reasons and have many plug holes. Even though this rolled cable can also be a source of danger if it is used excessively and is used for a long time.

  • Place the reel in an area that is difficult for children to access. For example, behind furniture.
  • Do not cover the coiled part of the cable with newspapers, clothing, carpet, or anything else when the cable is in use.
  • If possible, buy a coiled cord with an outlet cover or cover the plug with tape.
  • Check the cable reel periodically, if the cable feels hot, makes a sound, you should immediately replace the coil with a new one.

Last Words,

We are at Vaibhav Laxmi Industries, a transmission line accessories manufacturers company based in Jaipur. Here you can get any type of electrical accessories and MS Shuttering plates in Rajasthan. Keep in mind, before practicing the tips above, it’s a good idea to check all the rooms in the house. Mark any electrical devices in any room that you consider a danger to children. If the inspection has been carried out, do the proper electrical safety tips at home. Come on, save your little one from the dangers of electricity around the house right now!