7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Offer Military Discounts

It is estimated that there over 17.4 million military veterans in the US today. However, military veterans often find it difficult to transition to civilian life outside of the army, with over 6.8% of them, as of September 2020, currently unemployed and out of work.

This is why it’s important that business owners need to do their bit and provide discounts for those who have participated in military service. In this article, we will explain why your business should offer military discounts for servicing officers and also veterans.   

People who have put their lives on the line to protect their country deserve to get something back. Read on to find out more. 

1. Creates a Sense of Community 

A lot of people will have friends or loved ones that serve or have served in the military. If you are a shop or business that respects and offers discounts for military staff this will be viewed in a positive way by other members of your community.

They will be pleased to shop in your business, knowing that you offer discounts for those that serve and will probably speak to their friends about it and be more likely to recommend your services. This in turn will drive up your revenue and the number of customers using your business.

2. Includes a New Market of Customers

By offering a military discount, you may get customers through your doors that you previously wouldn’t have reached. They will be more likely to use your services and also inform any of their military friends to use your business also.

It’s a great way of allowing new types of customers to find out about your business and come to see what you have to offer. They might also be tempted to try out further products you have and spend more money at your store.

3. You Can Sell Themed Products 

If you are offering military discounts, you could also branch out into offering military-themed products if you don’t already. This can be a really lovely touch to further show your support for the military.

Things such as military flags, coffee mugs, and stationery are a great way to display pride in the military as well as and further boosting your profits. You can also offer ballistic helmet for sale as this is one of their major requirements.

This is especially nice as military people that come into your store can see the types of products you are stocked and might even want to purchase some. 

4. Make a Difference for the Military Community 

It’s no secret that some military personnel really struggle with trying to adjust to normal civilian life away from the army. They often feel directionless and struggle to find meaningful employment after. This can be difficult as well if they have a young family or dependents that rely on them to provide for them.

Offering discounts for military veterans and serving officers allows them to save money, which might be crucial for those military families. They know that their sacrifices haven’t gone unnoticed and that you appreciate all the hard work they have done.

It is an excellent cause to promote and offer discounts for military veterans can be a great way to give back. 

5. Improves Your Reputation

Some businesses are known for their kind and caring nature in a community. This is what makes people use their business and return to it again and again. By offering military discounts in your store, this shows a compassionate side to your business.

Obviously, people are aware that you will want to turn a profit with any business, however, by offering military discounts it demonstrates another facet of a business’s ethos and goodwill.

This will improve your reputation in a community and show how you are making a conscious effort to help people who might need it.  

6. Helps to Sell Off Extra Stock

If you have a surplus of stock that is taking up room in the back and you don’t know what to do with it, this can be used in tandem with military discounts. You can offer up exclusive deals for military veterans to purchase items at a greatly reduced price.

This whips up interest in the promotion whilst also promoting good causes as well. You can make a display and decorate it with various military items and create hype behind it.

You could even turn it into a special event and invite military veterans down for a coffee morning and have people bake cakes and snacks. This could be excellent in terms of free PR and you could use the money raised from the coffee morning to donate to a veterans charity. 

It provides an event for your community to look forward to, whilst also drumming up interest for your store.

7. Meet Your Sales Targets and Goals 

Every business has certain quotas and targets they need to reach in order to stay in business and stay profitable. By offering military discounts this can drive additional business and revenue to your store which then allows you to hit targets. 

Offering promotional items and discounts entices people to visit your business and spend money, consequently helping you with sustaining and hitting your goals.

Offering Military Discounts for Customers: Where Can I Find Out More?

We hope this article on the 7 reasons to offer military discounts has given you plenty of information to think about.  

Having a sense of compassion and care in your store is what can distinguish and make your business stand out from the rest. It’s rewarding to know that you are helping people and their families and that you are making a difference.

This, in turn, can also increase your profits for your business and drive more traffic to your store. So, really it’s a win-win situation for everyone!

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