7 Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Lighted Sign

You want to effectively turn your business around in terms of sales and revenue. Your aim is to bring more brand awareness, grab your customer’s attention and bring more footer to the shop. From pop-up shops to mini, open cafes, having a lighted sign in front of your shop can do a lot more wonders than you would have imagined.

No matter how many strategies you make, if you aren’t able to grab the passers-by’s attention for your shop, you are losing on a lot of customers.

  • With lighted signs, even if your business is shut, it markets your business round the clock.
  • Has the potential to attract the passersby, it is a combination of glowy, bright lights with bold text- a substantial capacity to attract the onlookers.
  • What even matters more is its placement. If you place it at the right spot then it will be visible from a distance and to a large number of people.
  • The more people will notice it, the more your brand awareness will be. This gives you a chance to outperform your competitors.
  • You can compete the cut-throat competition powerfully using this strategy and expect a higher consumer attraction to your business outlet.

This is the primary benefit of using a business sign. The list of the benefits continues below

24×7 Visibility

The lighted signs for business are dedicated as they promote the business throughout the day, 24×7. Even at closing hours, your business’ marketing game is still strong. The more that exposure, the more attention of customers.

Low maintenance

The outdoor lighted signs require hardly or no maintenance at all. The material used in it can withstand harsh weather conditions and are unaffected by dust particles. If you plan to add an LED sign to your business outlet, it comes with a lifespan of 50,000 hours which means you will not have to worry about its replacement for a significant period of time after purchase. The good thing about LED lights is their size and versatility because they can be incorporated in different ways as well.


The lighted signs charge less, giving you more return. The cost you put for purchase will definitely generate a good ROI in exchange. The light will serve you the benefits until you decide to change or replace it with a new sign. Whether your budget is high or low, you can purchase this light easily and add it outside your shop.


The lightbox signs can serve many other purposes than just advertising your business. The signage lighting can provide color-changing accents like dimming control, RGB signage lighting and produce billions of attractive combinations to guide your visitors and brand your business all day long. Such signages can be added in the building’s front with catchy text or a logo of your preference. You can state your preference to a signage designer if you wish to customize it your way. 

Easily customizable

Digital signs are quite versatile as they can be changed and personalized as per your preferences. If you wish to keep the signboard simple, you can go for the one with beautiful lights and text, but if you are way too creative and want your signboard to look fancy, ask your designer to add all your requirements and customize it completely. Make sure that your customizations meet the needs of your customers. 

Energy efficient

LED lights are energy efficient. The LEDs do not consume a lot of energy when it is switched on which reduces power consumption and prevents the wastage of energy. LED volts hold the power of 12 volts DC. These lights will help you save 10% of the energy costs which in turn will be less harmful for the environment. 

Available in different types

You need not go for the trending or the common ones. You have plenty of options to choose from in terms of size and shape. Just make sure whichever sign you choose should match your industry standards, budget, and clients’ expectations. These factors change with time so keep this in mind before finalizing one for yourself.

This out-of-the-box strategy is the modern way of winning customers’ attention. The design should be unique; the color combination should glorify the name of the brand in a way it gets in the first glance. An unforgettable design does not fail to spread awareness and more the awareness, more the chances of conversions.