7 Reasons Why You Should Have London Jobs after Graduation

Are you a recent graduate (or about to be) seeking a job in the United Kingdom? You’re probably on your way to London, joining the rising number of students who choose to have London Jobs following graduation.

Perhaps you’re concerned about settling in a big metropolis. But don’t be alarmed! You must visit London at least once in your life, and the greatest time to do it is after graduation. This is a city that can extend your horizons, immerse you in a culture that is distinct from the rest of the UK, and nurture the independence that allows you to stand out.

Here are seven reasons why you should look for a job in London after graduation.

It’s on the global stage

In every manner, London is the UK’s capital city; it is the country’s political, economic, and cultural center. It’s also a hub for international businesses, with several multinational corporations establishing operations here.

As a result, the bulk of graduate employment service and internships are concentrated in London. In London, you may work in almost any field, so whatever your ideal job is, you can start your journey here.

Boredom is no more

In London, there is always something going on, and there is never a quiet moment. London is home to a plethora of fantastic museums and art galleries, five of which are in the top 20 in the world, and the best part is that many of them are free.

There is also a great deal of music and drama, particularly in the West End. Plus, after you have a feel of what’s going on, you’ll see that seminars, festivals, and events are held every night. Your only constraints are your sleep needs and your financial situation. On that note, having London jobs will be a fun activity.

Without a Doubt You’ll become a budgeting champion.

London is a pricey city. You may review your bank account and cry after a few months of living here. In the capital, transportation, rent, and food expenses are all exorbitant.

Thankfully, there are lots of bargains that can be made, and you will quickly become savvy. There are various methods to acquire affordable theatre tickets, locations to locate cheap food, and more ways to save money aside from the free museums. Even if your pocketbook is still empty, you will be having a terrific time.


Are you worried that you’ll feel out of place in London? Not a problem. The population is quite diversified, with people from all over the world living here. If you start to feel homesick, you’ll have the opportunity to meet individuals from many walks of life, broaden your cultural understanding, and socialize with other internationals. Employers throughout the UK and abroad are increasingly looking for “global graduates,” and working in London early in your career will provide you with the ideal setting to develop your intercultural skills.

The dining and drinking scene

There’s a prevalent misconception that English food is bad, yet there’s never a shortage of good food in London. Because the city is such a melting pot, you can find whatever cuisine you choose. You’ll be able to discover what you’re searching for whether you’re eating out or buying supplies.

And, before you trash ‘traditional’ English cuisine, at the very least, try a real Sunday roast at a pub. The modest Yorkshire pudding may persuade you to change your mind. Speaking of pubs, London is bursting at the seams with them, and city people make the most of them.

You may access history at any time.

The museums are fantastic, but what sets London distinct is how the city’s history is integrated into everything you see. It’s been around in some form or another for over 2,000 years so no need to be dazzled by a structure from the 1800s! The central City of the London region, where ancient buildings are intermingled with modern glass office skyscrapers and coffee shops, is a terrific place to roam about.


If you are having London jobs, and are a true Londoner then, nothing makes you happier than whining about public transportation. London, on the other hand, boasts itself as one of the world’s greatest and most comprehensive public transportation networks. The transit network, which includes the Tube, trains, and buses, can take you everywhere. If you want to get some exercise, you may rent a Boris Bike from London’s self-service bike hiring services.

Aside from getting you where you need to be, London’s public transport will ensure that you have something to talk about with your new friends and coworkers. You’ll soon be whining like the rest of us, but you won’t be able to live without it.

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