7 Reasons Why Tooth Pain Worse At Night

Oh, that midnight tooth pain! For some reason or other everyone might have suffered through tooth pain. Tooth pain can be traumatic when it happens in the middle of the night when you don’t have easy access to medical aid. Tooth pain can be due to numerous reasons. Like few are – 

  • Loose tooth
  • The arrival of a new tooth
  • Bleeding gums
  • Deep down tooth nerve touching cavities
  • Hidden under the gum cavities
  • Some injury
  • Blisters in the gum area
  • Food debris accumulation within the gaps
  • Lack of oral hygiene 
  • Sensitivity due to weak or chipped enamel and more

Now, why tooth pain worse at night. Many people complain about the tough night with tooth pain. Let us talk about why tooth pain troubles more at night than during day hours. A sleepless night will give you an additional headache along with toothache. Let’s figure out the reasons behind midnight toothache so that you can be ready with the right solution. 

Below are the seven reasons why tooth pain worse at night – 

  1. Blood flow – The first problem in why tooth pain worse at night is When you lie down to sleep the blood flow increases in the head region as it comes in line with the rest of the body. So lying down will increase the blood flow which will exert more pressure on the inner-outer walls of your mouth. Gums holding the paining tooth will palpitate at higher rates and you will feel more pain with each palpitation. So often it is advised to sleep with your head raised in tooth pain. 
  1. Relaxed mind – Day activities make your brain so occupied that you may have no time to focus even on your body’s uneasiness. Like people can work a full day in the office with a fever but as soon as they lie down to relax and sleep their body dips into a high fever by then. When you lie down after a fulfilling day’s activities, your mind gets relaxed and starts focusing on the body’s feelings like tiredness, body aches and even toothache.
  1. Jaw clenching – Jaw clenching is a severe condition in which people close their mouths with jaws tightly intact while sleeping. This affects the teeth’ anatomy and enamel, which can give rise to sudden pain anytime while sleeping—people who are short-tempered or stressed witness this more often. 
  1. Mid-night cravings – Oh! Those sweet mid-night cravings can really leave a bitter experience afterwards. Having that choco laden cake in late hours and no brushing or rinsing afterwards can invite germs to your mouth. If munching just before sleeping is your habit then beware it can give you cavities at the baseline of teeth. It seems perfect from above but the damage is already there under the gums.  These cavities can really hurt badly in accumulating high sugars at night. 
  1. Delaying bone grafting – In this there is subsequently loss of bone(s) bridging the teeth. It is underneath the teeth forming depression there. This cannot be reversed with medicines, the only way out is bone grafting.  Precautionary you can use a water flosser to get the organic matter out from the depression. In morning hours accumulation can be removed by rinsing, flossing, water flossing and/or brushing but if by chance any debris is skipped after dinner then it will surely trouble you at night. So if you are aware of bone loss don’t delay the grafting visits.
  1. Dental abscess – Pus formation due to the bacterial infection or poor hygiene (like skipping night brushing) in between the teeth or gums is known as dental abscession. If not treated professionally can give you tremendous trouble. This can get worse at night as in the morning your mouth is fresh and you try to give it a rinse after every big meal or you keep trying home remedies more in the morning for pain relief. In late hours, you may skip oral regimes which can lead to uneasiness in the night.
  1. TMJ Disorder – The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) acts like a sliding hinge, connecting your jawbone to your skull. You have one joint on each side of your jaw. TMJ disorders — a type of temporomandibular disorder or TMD — can cause pain in your jaw joint and in the muscles that control jaw movement. This can be a reason for tooth pain at night and it will be worse because the reason is the jawbone. 


Now you know 7 reasons Why tooth pain worse at night. Whenever you suffer tooth pain at night just try to get a painkiller tablet as a first do-over. Later in the morning try to visit emergency dental services practitioner. If you are not getting an immediate appointment then try some home remedy to give some relief to your aching tooth. Many ages-old proven home remedies are available on the internet. Just google and choose one for yourself meanwhile keep trying for a dentist appointment!