7 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing in Singapore Works

Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms to market products and services offered by ecommerce businesses. It typically uses B2B strategies like LinkedIn Ads and B2C, along with Instagram and Facebook marketing. 

Today, we will dig deeper into the reasons why social media marketing in Singapore is effective. Here are the top seven reasons for that:

#1: Accumulate more customers cost-effectively

Social media marketing as a cost-effective way to accumulate more audiences

The most crucial reason social media marketing works is the opportunity to grow an audience without making a costly investment. Compared to television commercials, using social media platforms for your advertisements is low-cost, depending on your knowledge and skills in digital marketing. 

In the early years of social media platforms, advertisements are not at all present. Thus, people would share promotional videos showcasing their products and services on streaming sites like YouTube. In the comment section, people were interacting with the business that posted the video. They asked questions, sent enquiries, and even uploaded the video on other social media platforms. 

This strategy is free, and the good thing about it is that you can still do these marketing strategies up to this day. Only now, they are coupled with options to have your official and paid advertisements that populate their social media platforms for audiences to see. It started what we know today as social media marketing.

You could even hire a social media marketing company to help you create content that should get you more viewers and engagements. Not to mention, hiring a social media agency is usually not as expensive as doing other types of advertising.

#2: Trim your target audience

Social media marketing works like a funnel; it’s like advertising in a populated place. In your case, you are doing so on social media platforms, where your advertisement is visible online. 

Moreover, social media marketing platforms are highly active. It is like baiting a large school of fish into a wide-spaced net, filtering only those who will become your target market. Doing so should make things easier for marketers. 

Most social media platforms offer vital data while your ad is posted such as recent searches of online users and the time or date when your ad post garnered a huge volume of views. This can significantly help target market research.

Furthermore, most social media platforms nowadays are focusing not on ads with higher bids. Facebook’s algorithm, for instance, focuses on user experience (UX) when deciding which ad should appear in a user’s newsfeed. It refrains from posting irrelevant advertisements on people’s news feeds, thus showing your ad to the market segment that finds your product or service relevant. 

#3: Interact with your target audience

Social media marketing allows you to interact with your audience

One of the best things about social media marketing is that it allows for better B2C communication. On most social media platforms like Facebook and WeChat, marketing companies should interact with their customers as it helps improve their engagements and ranks. Thus, ecommerce businesses can directly reply to customers’ queries in real-time. 

Customers usually prefer to converse with their preferred brands and companies. They want to direct their questions and receive prompt answers from their ideal brands. It is why more and more people are shifting to ecommerce websites when buying products online.

#4: Analysing consumer behaviour is easier

Analysing consumer behaviour is crucial for business development, and social media marketing has provided an easy way to know the pulse of your consumers. Facebook marketing, for instance, provides insights into the activities of your audiences. On the other hand, LinkedIn Ads and other paid social media advertising platforms can also track your number of views and engagements per day, week, and year to give you insights for further analysis. It should provide an overview of your customer’s purchasing behaviour, as well as what type of advertisement works best for them.

#5: Social media has a high return on investment (ROI)

Social media marketing can give you better ROI

As a company owner, you would want your campaigns to convert into sales. You wouldn’t post an advertisement and not expect to gain buyers, right? That’s where social media marketing can do wonders for you. It gives a high ROI with less investment. 

Consider the fact that social media platforms are very much populated nowadays. People spent most of their time browsing their feeds rather than going out. Thus, your online advertisements can accumulate more buyers than leafleting can actually give you. With more audiences come more chances of getting a better ROI.

#6: It works magic in advertising products and services

There’s this popular tweet on the internet that goes like this: 

Facebook marketing is so fun. I was scrolling through my feed and found an advertisement about a thing I never realized I needed.” 

Social media marketing targets both your target audience and the general market at once. Unlike a billboard displayed at a certain location or a television ad that aired on certain local channels only, social media connects the world, making it easier for your brand to have a wider reach. Thus, your marketing campaigns can reach those beyond your target market, which in turn can convert cold buyers to actual customers.

In fact, a good portion of online buyers is not part of the target audience of an advertisement. They are just happily scrolling through their social media accounts and incidentally read the posted advertisement of a product they suddenly become interested in buying.

#7: Tell your own story

Most social media marketing strategies tell convincing and compelling stories. When online users are idling over their social media feeds, they love to come across a good and attention-grabbing story. 

This unique selling point (USP) is used by social media marketing agencies to lure more customers to certain brands. They create stories that people love to share. In return, sharing these stories should improve the brands’ engagement which can make your post appear relevant and thus, get posted on more news feeds.


Good social media management can do wonders for your business. It is your gateway towards leverage in the online market competition. That being said, finding a reliable social media marketing agency will be one of the best decisions you can ever make in your journey towards successful ecommerce.

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