7 Reasons to Have Nepal on Your Travel Bucket List

The world we live in is a wondrous place. If we were to constantly travel there would always be a new nook or cranny to experience. Natural delights that are pleasing to all senses are just around the corner, and all you have to do is point at a map and go! In this endeavour Nepal should be in the top three of your choices. With raw, mystic and incredible sights to behold at each step, you’ll need extra cloud space to accommodate all those pictures and videos. To solidify this proposal here are some of its advantages to all other choices.

1. UNESCO wonderland

UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites can apply to the entire country for all we care. Nepal is a small country, but it’s the inside that counts. Jam-packed with ancient temples, Kathmandu Valley, Lumbini and home to eight of the fourteen highest mountaintops in the world there is no place like Nepal. The moment you make your first step, you are greeted with culture, sights, sounds and smells beyond your wildest dreams. Each scene is there to sweep you away from your feet, with open temples for you to visit and explore.

2. Culinary delight

Dal Bhat, Newa Cuisine, Momos, Dhido and you are still scratching the surface. Ordinary food meets unusual spices, which is the shortest way to explain Nepal cuisine. Mostly influenced by its neighbours, India and Chine, the local Nepal dishes consist of lentils, rice and curried vegetables with a dash of pantries. Meat is rare, but when it does appear, it’s the focal point of the meal. 

If you are a vegetarian, then Nepal is your promised land. Spices are so varied and unique that each restaurant or home can have its mix and blend. The best way to know any country is thru its food, and along the way, you may even get to have some interesting conversations with the locals.

3. Budget-friendly

When you start to google all those exotic locations, there seems to be no end in sight. Once you factor in the costs, the list gets immediately shorter. Travelling abroad, while not breaking your budget, can be challenging. Since you don’t want to put stress on yourself or your finance, many people get creative with different ways that enable them to travel and get a genuine experience of the visiting country. 

Nepal is budget friendly and welcoming to tourists, who make up a healthy chunk of its GDP. More options are also welcome, so you can always opt for friendly and useful volunteer abroad in Nepal. People that live there are open to all visitors and have well-meaning personas. It’s part of their culture and heritage. Few countries will greet you with such wide-open arms as Nepal will.

4. Nepal’s Spiritual journey

Whether you are religious or not, it doesn’t matter in Nepal. A spiritual undertone is present throughout the country, and every person experiences it differently. Finding inner peace may come during a visit to any of the countless temples, walking a trail or simply sitting and admiring the view. Breathtaking vistas allow you to forget anything that exists beyond Nepal and realise how all those Buddhist monks came to be. Calmness is embedded in the landscape and the very air, making Nepal a personal and unforgettable experience.

5. Exploring is rewarding

Stepping sideways from a well-established path will make all the difference. Nepal has lanes, tracks, mountain hikes and other maintained popular tourist attractions. While there is nothing wrong with visiting well-established places, as many people have before Nepal encourages you to explore. The hidden trick behind Nepal is in its unmarked wonders, those little alleyways filled with brand new scenes, hidden vistas that lie there waiting to be discovered. While you are tracking thru Nepal, exploration comes naturally. What’s over this hill? What’s behind that tree? The universal answer is a trip you will cherish for the rest of your life.

6. Safety first

We want to point out this topic as some tourists do thorough checks before they go anywhere. Understandable as there are countries in the world where tourists need to watch which parts they track. But not in Nepal as even its biggest cities Kathmandu and Pokhara are completely tourist safe. Tranquility, friendliness and openness to what the world may bring, these concepts are intervened through their entire culture and way of life. The crime rate is low, and tourists are highly regarded and valued. 

7. Flora and fauna

One of the many proud attributes of Nepal is that it’s considered the Amazon of Asia. From Nepal’s lowlands to its highest Himalayan mountaintops, there is no shortage of diverse flora and fauna to be seen, perfect for any wildlife enthusiast. The UNESCO World Heritage Chitwan National Park offers you a chance to spot majestic Royal Bengal tigers, one-horned rhinos, crocodiles, leopards, sloth bears, wild elephants, deer, and monkeys as well as over five hundred species of birds. Nepal is also home to an incredible variety of plant species, with more than three hundred types of orchids

Embarking on any new adventure seems daunting at first. Completely normal and the first step you can make in overcoming this is getting started. Nepal is right there waiting for you with open arms. You can go no wrong with choosing to visit and spend your time there. The rewards will be more than we can fit inside this article and beyond words. After the initial visit, it will become your favourite haven. One you will re-visit now and then, so that you may find your inner peace.

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