7 Qualities of Excellent Leather Jackets

A quality leather jacket is unlike any other clothing in your wardrobe. It is versatile, classic, and durable, which makes it a perennial statement piece. An exquisite jacket is akin to an intuitive investment since it continues to deliver charm, personality, and elegance while it ages gracefully.

It also combines seamlessly with any ensemble, elevating the overall charisma of the outfit. The rich feel of the fabric, the robustness of the design, and the naturally fragrant aroma are the staples of a great leather jacket.  

However, you can only find these exceptional traits in a jacket constructed with quality material and superior craftsmanship. Subpar jackets have no comparison to their authentic counterparts and are bound to deteriorate with time. 

Thus, if you are looking to invest in an excellent leather jacket, make sure it has the following qualities:


There are multiple grades of real leather, resulting in varying texture, smoothness, and thickness. It depends on the processing of the material, and manufacturers used which parts of the hide to turn into clothing. 

  • Full Grain Leather is the highest quality of leather found in the market. It is made from the top cut of the hide, which is closest to the air. Consequently, the resulting material is soft, durable, and highly coveted. It is left unfinished, so the grain pattern is natural, uneven, and unique to every jacket. More importantly, the scratches, creases, and slight wear of the grains that develop over time only enhance the overall appeal of the garment.
  • Top Grain or Corrected Leather is the layer just below the full grain and part of the top hide. It is treated to remove any noticeable imperfections for a smoother, more consistent appearance. While it not as tough as the full-grain leather, it is still strong and makes highly well-crafted jackets.     
  • Genuine leather is sourced from the bottom cut of the hide and made by stripping away the more expensive top grains. It is easier to manufacture jackets using genuine leather, as it is softer and cheaper. However, it is not as durable as the full and top grain. It is also dyed and treated to resemble the grains of the higher quality leather jackets. 
  • Bonded Leather is not essentially “real leather” as it is constructed by bonding pieces of leather to other material using adhesives. While the price may be tempting, it is far lower in quality than the superior grades.     


The leather jacket is extremely popular amongst the masses for several extensive qualities; one is its wearability. 

Most high quality leather jackets are constructed with a full-grain premium material, which makes them highly comfortable. Moreover, it only becomes softer as you continue to wear it, as you need to break in your new jacket, similar to breaking in a new pair of shoes.  On the other hand, low-quality coats are usually rugged, rough, and uncomfortable.


You can discover quite a lot about the quality of a leather jacket by the feel of it. The authentic leather is supple and soft to touch, as compared to the fake variety that feels more like plastic or synthetic. Moreover, when you glide your hand on the fabric, you can feel the roughness of the grains, and the material does not crunch under your hand. The surface bumps and pores entail that the jacket is made from the best leather iteration. 


The best leather jackets are designed to be stylish while enduring. Subsequently, pay attention to the appearance of the stitches when you buy a leather coat, as they should be even and close together. Frayed threads, irregular stitches, and messy appearance are telltale signs of a substandard garment. Such stitching is prone to unravelling and degradation over time.   

In addition, the lining of the jacket determines its inherent purpose and quality standards. Fine-quality pieces have a separate lining in the body and the sleeves for enhanced flexibility. The body lining is of durable and insulated material for increased breathability. Conversely, low-grade linings are not breathable, fall apart easily, and feel cheap.    

Pockets are very convenient and another sign of a remarkable jacket. It takes a certain level of skills and expertise to incorporate pockets into the design without damaging the material.   


Topstitching refers to the classic, decorative stitchery along the edges of the seams and pockets of the jacket. It imparts a bold appearance to the final products, making them more attention-grabbing.  Beautiful, refined, and even stitching is synonymous with well-crafted leather apparel, while poor threadwork denotes a below standard jackets. 


The hardware, such as the zippers, gives each item a unique personality and is essential to consider when buying a leather jacket.

Therefore, try on your jacket and test the zippers and fittings. Ensure that the zippers are metallic, do not snag, and are buttery smooth in their movement, while the fittings slide and clasp together easily. YKK makes the best types of zippers in a range of colours. The more visually appealing zippers are shinier and of nickel or stainless steel, and the more subdued ones are of brass but look equally attractive.  


The best-fitting jackets function as a second skin without hindering your movements. First, look at the armholes to see their placement. Higher set armholes allow for more mobility and comfortable wear, while those placed further down the jacket limit movability. The reason for the ill-positioning of the armholes is to accommodate more body shapes and increase the likelihood of a sale without creating more customized sizes and saving the manufacturing cost.  

Next, wear the jacket to make sure that the sleeves end precisely at the wrist. Lift your arms to ensure that you are not feeling “stuck”, and the jacket does not ride up your waist. Finally, the coat should be snug and tapered according to your form and have ample room to slide two fingers between the garment and your body.

Wrap Up

Leather jackets have been in trend for decades since they are effortlessly stylish and endlessly flattering. While a leather jacket’s style and design elements are mainly personal preference, certain qualities of an excellent coat set it apart from its inferior counterparts. The feel of an authentic leather jacket is soft and grainy, while the appearance is uneven and distinctive. It is one of the most comfortable clothing pieces that perfectly fits your silhouette without compromising your ability to move. Finally, it is adorned with a high quality of hardware for chicness and longevity. 


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