7 proven ways to speed up your hiring process

Some companies prefer a long hiring process. They believe that a longer hiring process will give them time to know the candidate and can compare it with the other applicants. This philosophy might be true. But as it is said “every coin has a two sides” company should know the reality that there is an empty position in the office so don’t take much time in hiring the candidate ultimately the company is at a loss. As the companies take more time to hire the candidates it may happen that the top candidates get another offer if you don’t act quickly to hire the candidates.

Here are ten basic tips for the hiring process:

  • Design your own hiring process:

There are many companies and organizations that still don’t have time to improve the pattern of the hiring process. Recruiters and the hiring managers are following the old traditional method this will end with the long hiring process. There is no rule that only the creative team has to work creatively. Each and every department employee should be creative in their own work. The same thing applies to recruiters, recruiters should take pen and paper and make the hiring process creative.


  • Job Description should be to the point:

As you post the opening for the job you receive hundreds of resumes in a day this happens because it will give you and the candidate a great opportunity for your company. You should always keep in mind while describing the job description i.e. it should not be short neither it should be lengthy. When the recruiter or the team of recruiters create a job they should use bullet points to outline the necessary experience and about the designation/profile. This will result in you will get the resume of those candidates who are qualified for the open job and the number of unqualified candidates will not apply.


  • Career Page:

The first thing candidate do is they visit the career page. If the candidate doesn’t see the job offer on your career page then they might drop off or can also reject your offer. This will have a negative effect on your company. Drop off will result in the application will be less and offer rejection might result in the most eligible candidate can accept another company’s offer. So by improvising your career page you can reduce both drop-off and rejection and can speed up your hiring process.


  • One hiring manager = One candidate:

There are companies that allow the whole hiring team to take an interview from the first round. There is no need for a group of people in the first round that creates a stressful atmosphere for the candidate. If you want to complete the hiring process in a short time then for the first-round there should be only one person i.e. hiring manager further for other rounds group of people can be there and take interviews. Before the interview determines who in the company can screen the candidate carefully in the first round of interviews.

  • Importance of ATS & CRM in the hiring process:

There are N numbers of the Applicant Tracking System and CRM in the market. But the best ATS will lead you to the end of the hiring process. An ATS can help you from the positing of a job in the multiple job boards and also notify you in real-time as the candidate applies. From interview scheduling, sorting applications, building a talent pipeline, and so on, ATS is the only software that structures your hiring process and can also reduce time to hire the candidate. Analyze that software doesn’t rush to choose an ATS and also take the test of the tool before installing it. Alongside this, there are also various other software and tools that can contribute to making the hiring process more efficient. Methods such as using disc profiles and psychometric tests are known to be beneficial.


  • Keep the hiring process short:

This is the most common issue. The lengthy hiring process is due to the many interview rounds taken by the recruiters for comparing candidates. Interviews are an important part of screening the candidates but, more than two rounds of an interview the timeline is considered lengthy. Recruiters must screen the resume more carefully in these digital world resumes are screened digitally also which makes the work easier and the time of hiring process will be short. 

  • Speed up the interview process:

Once the candidate has applied for the open job recruiter or the hiring manager should not delay scheduling the interview. Usually, companies take time in scheduling the interview. You can use the automated interview scheduling tool to save your time. After scheduling interviews, prepare yourself for those interviews. Speedy and quick interviews will help you to screen the candidate faster and make your time more speedy in hiring.

At the time of hiring don’t skip any step and make the hiring process quick. Once the hiring manager finds that candidates never delay in offering the process will speed up automatically. Hiring the right candidate for the open job is sometimes critical but if you follow the above tips then it might get easy and quick.