7 Proven Ways to Sell Your Home Fast

Nobody enjoys going through a slow home sale that drags on for weeks or even months. That’s why we’ve put together this expert list of 7 proven ways to sell your home fast. Whether selling a home for the very first time or already knowledgeable about the world of world estate, by selling your home quickly you will be able to save both yourself and your family valuable time, money, and energy. Check out luxury real estate agent

Perfect Your Selling Strategy

The first way to sell your home fast is to perfect your selling strategy. This means knowing ahead of time whether you plan to hire a real estate agent or list the house as for-sale-by-owner. Both methods of selling have both pros and cons, and it is up to the seller to decide which works better for their lifestyle. The options are: 

  • Hiring a Realtor: While hiring a realtor can remove some of the work of compiling documents, scheduling open houses, planning, and setting a list price, realtors often take fees and commissions, making your home-selling process more expensive.
  • Listing as For-Sale-By-Owner: Though often a lot of work, listing your home as for-sale-by-owner gives you the freedom to make executive decisions, allows you to price your home however you want, and removes the need for expensive agent fees and commissions.

Understand Your Finances

The second step in selling your home fast is to understand your finances. When you know how much capital you currently have, you will be able to decide how much money, if any, you want to spend on home upgrades. It is also important to know how much investment you have put into your home throughout the years, and how much these renovations have increased the value of your property. When you understand your house’s true value, you’ll be able to price it to sell. 

Beautify Your Home

If you haven’t done any upgrades or renovations to your home, you should consider making changes that would appeal to potential buyers. A home with modern conveniences, an open concept, and updated appliances tends to sell faster than a dated home that needs a lot of work. You can beautify your home to sell fast by doing the following:

  • Renovating existing features: If you aren’t up for a huge construction project, consider renovating features that already exist such as adding shelves to closets, updating bathroom or kitchen features, switching out appliances for stainless steel, or replacing old linoleum tiles. 
  • Utilize home staging: If you’d rather skip the upgrades altogether, home staging is a great way to ignite a buyer’s interest. You can choose to stage a home yourself or go with hiring a professional staging company for a small fee.
  • Landscape the outdoor spaces: Curb appeal is becoming increasingly more important to contemporary potential home buyers, with landscaping playing a huge role in their desire to buy. Beautify the outdoor spaces near your home by planting flowers, mowing the lawn, or trimming unruly tree branches prior to open houses.

List at the Right Time

Another proven way to sell your home fast is to list it at the right time. The housing market, just like the stock market, goes up and down depending on the year as well as the season. When listing a house, make sure that there is currently a lot of housing interesting in your region. 

The best time to sell, according to the Zillow analysis of sales and annual seasonal patterns, is between early May and the start of June. When listed during this time, homes can bring in a few thousand dollars that they otherwise wouldn’t receive throughout the year. They are also more likely to sell quickly, as fast as in less than two weeks.

Host Open Houses

Hosting open houses is the tried and true method of selling your home fast. When a buyer sets foot in your renovated and staged home, they are automatically transported into thinking about what it could be like for their family to move in.

Home-sellers that hold open houses are more likely to sell their home in under a month, with higher odds for inspiring bidding wars between potential buyers. When planning your open house, make sure to schedule on a Saturday, as Saturdays are one of the most commonly attended open house days of the week.

Focus on the Perks

The sixth proven way to sell your home fast is to focus on the perks and amenities the home has to offer when listing it. Regardless of your home’s size, you can always direct the attention of a potential buyer to the positives by mentioning:

  • Highly rated schools 
  • Prestigious universities
  • Accessible bus routes and public transportation
  • Add-ons like attics, basements, extra rooms, or garages
  • Luxury bonuses like elevators, game courts, or a pool
  • A vibrant downtown scene
  • Neighboring bars and restaurants
  • Bike paths or nature parks
  • Easy highway access for commuting
  • Newly done upgrades and renovations
  • And more
Sell to a Cash Home-Buying Company

Our last tip for selling your home fast is to use a cash home-buying company. A cash buying company is one of the fastest ways to sell your house, offering you an all-cash offer that typically delivers funds around one week after the offer’s acceptance. Often buying the home “as-is” selling to a cash home-buyer is one of the top 7 proven ways to sell your home fast. 

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