7 Point Checklist to Start a Courier And parcel Delivery Business

The courier and parcel delivery market has become one of the fastest-growing markets worldwide. The courier business provides a complete solution for the delivery of goods and connects people around the globe. The emergence of technology has made it easier and more convenient for courier businesses to deliver goods or parcels on time.



In an environment of increasing reliance on quality and reliable courier services, starting a courier business can be a smart move for entrepreneurs who desire to be their own boss and run their own on-demand business. To help you, we’ve compiled a checklist of things to look for in a courier service.


Let’s have a look,


  1. Develop A Business Plan:


Like every business, you need to have a clear business plan for your costs, competitive pricing, and profit margins. You need to plan about where you will set up your courier and parcel delivery business, how you will make money, and how you will retain the customer. Make sure you have adequate space to store packages and parcels that are going to be delivered.


Don’t forget to apply for a business license, as it will allow people to rely on your services and help your courier services to grow, plus it will make significant changes in the work process.


It is also worth considering business insurance so that in the case of an accident – with your business or with delivery – you should be protected from damage. Thus a proper business plan will help you to secure your investment.


  1. Essential Appliances:


There are certain items and equipment that are a must-have for courier and parcel delivery solutions. A vehicle is an essential and key element for your business. Determine the vehicle type that suits the product type. If you are transporting large items you will need a van and truck or if you are delivering small items, then a motorcycle might be a more cost-effective solution.


Once the vehicle is covered, you will also need a mobile phone, clipboard, office supplies, and other essentials such as a map or GPS system. This way you can be sure that you and your subsequent drivers have directions to be able to deliver parcels from place to place.


  1. Develop A Business Brand:


The brand name will show that your company is a professional. Try to come up with a name that is different from others and will immediately attract the user. This will set your business apart from the vast market of available brands and put you ahead of your competitors.


Once you have determined the brand name, you will need to officially register the business and then start marketing your on-demand courier and parcel delivery solution. There are many alternatives you can choose to market your business such as social media, advertising, and word of mouth, so more and more people will start contacting you.


  1. Digitized Business:


Technology has provided numerous advancements to us that will be helpful for businesses as well to excel. By adopting digitization you may take your business to the next level. You may hire the best dedicated-software developer to get you an excellent piece of software by you can improve supply chain management, enhanced visibility, reduced delivery time, real-time updates on shipments, advanced tracking & lower product returns, make faster and better decisions, boost your functionality, increase workforce productivity. You can handle all the workflow with one single app from anywhere.


A full-featured mobile app will be the mainstay of your business so make sure you’re not compromising on any aspect of app development.


  1. Various Payment Options:


To operate a flexible, on-demand courier and parcel delivery app, you should offer several payment options such as credit/debit card, wallet system, UPI, etc. as today’s customers look for a safe, fast, and easy way to proceed. It will help to monitor and manage all transactions and eliminate the possibilities of delayed or failed transactions. To achieve such excellent features in your app you may require a dedicated software engineering team.


  1. Streamline Delivery Process:


In order to achieve great success, you better need to streamline your delivery process with the help of a few tactics. A streamlined delivery process is all about transparency and continuous improvement.


Let’s look at a few ways to streamline the order fulfillment process for your business.


  • Group your shipments


  • Automate Order update and tracking for customers


  • Monitoring supply chain


  • Re-evaluate your pick and pack process


  • Having a strong return policy


By pursuing the above tips you will be able to streamline your delivery business efficiency.


  1. Estimate Your On-going Costs:


While pricing your services you should keep all the expenses in mind and make sure that they are covered and still you will make a profit by knowing your ongoing costs, then you can set your rates, and accordingly, you can decide the price.


For a courier business, your monthly outlay will be cargo insurance, vehicle insurance, and energy. There may be specific expenses related to your personal business plan. Prepare a list of all probable payments which you will confront each month so that you can calculate your entire monthly cost.


Wrapping Up:


Starting any business is not difficult, but maintaining it consistently is difficult. The same goes for the courier and parcel delivery business. If you are committed to your business, you will definitely succeed so start focusing your time on growing your business and making it stronger. Follow the above-measured points to initiate your business successfully.

Author – Bio

Mushahid Khatri is a Chief Executive Officer of Yelowsoft which is one of the leading on demand grocery delivery solution. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with leaned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.