7 Perfect Gift Ideas for a Friend Starting a Tattoo Shop

Have your friend recently opened a tattoo shop? If yes, consider giving him/her any of the below-mentioned gifts, some of which help impress the customers, while the others streamline the process of inking designs on the skin or contribute to sanitation.

Beginner’s Kit

The person starting a tattoo shop without any assistance will not be able to purchase all the necessary equipment at once. Provide him/her with a beginner’s kit, which contains needles, ink bottles, stencils, gloves, and anesthetic gels or creams. The kit can be carried from one place to another without any hassle.

Card Holder

Your friend is an entrepreneur now and will want to reach a major segment of the population. The best way of doing so is handing out business cards. Give him/her a cardholder so that he/she can take out the cards whenever required without rummaging through the rest of the items in the bag. You may decorate the cardholder by drawing a sugar skull, a cherry, a butterfly, etc.

Vintage Body Art Book

A vintage body art book is fascinating, informative, and believed to be an excellent addition to a tattoo artist’s coffee table or library. The people planning on starting a tattoo business need to know the enriching history of tattoos, the tattoo trends that have evolved over time, and creating a true masterpiece. The best tattoo books help them in their endeavour.


Is your boyfriend thinking of keeping his tattoo shop open 24/7? If yes, he will need something to keep him warm during the winter or during the hours inside an air-conditioned workstation. Gift him a stylish hoodie, preferably of black colour, which suits his bold personality.

License Plate

The modern-day consumers opt for open tattoo shops only when their owner is licensed. Help your friend take pride in his/her creative profession by gifting a custom license plate. Instead of taking the license out every time a customer asks, he/she can simply hang the plate on the wall.

Light Pad

The light pad is considered the best companion of a tattoo artist. It makes tracing complex designs much easier and saves the time one spends when using a tracing paper. There are many kinds available at present in the market, but the LED light pad got the best review on Amazon. It is also quite affordable.

Magazine Subscription

Starting a tattoo business is not enough. In order to keep it running prosperously, one must be aware of the latest trends. Magazines are the best way to keep pace with the changes happening in the body art landscape. Gift your tattoo artist friend a subscription to the best tattoo magazine so that he/she can learn about new techniques and designs.

All of the gifts started above, ideal for a budding tattooist, are readily available online. Do pay more attention to quality and less to the price. You would not want your friend’s reputation to suffer by not going a little beyond the set budget, right?