7 Packaging Hacks That Will Upgrade Your Products and Business

Do you know the importance of packaging? Packaging is what sets your product apart from the competition. It defines who you are and how much time, effort, and money went into making your product. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level with an upgrade of packaging, then these six hacks will do just that! 

Packaging Hack #1:

“I have a paper-based product; what should I do?” Many paper packaging manufacturers can turn your paper products into sleek and fancy ones. For instance, if you’re selling paper bags or totes, then use different printing techniques to make them more appealing such as using matte lamination for the paper bags. This paper packaging hack will definitely upgrade your paper products!

Packaging Hack #2:

If you’re selling paper-based gift wrap, then make sure to invest in tissue paper that’s printed with special techniques such as foil stamping or die-cutting. This paper packaging hack is perfect if the gift itself isn’t too appealing. This way, you can have the gift wrapped in colored tissue that makes it look more inviting. 

Packaging Hack #3:

Are you selling glass products? Then invest in colored adhesive labels and colored stickers that will go on the product before it’s wrapped. If you’re using colored adhesive labels, then make sure to do a good job with your printer, as these types of colored paper packaging hacks can be seen from far away or when looking through photos online. Colorful stickers can also spruce up your glass product and make it look more inviting.

Packaging Hack #4:

Don’t be afraid to use metallic labels or stickers for plastic products, which will instantly upgrade them. This type of packaging hack is perfect for companies selling many different things, such as beauty brands that sell many types of makeup. These products can be completely different in color but could all use metallic labels since they’re eye-catching.

Packaging Hack #5:

If you have an upscale or luxury product that your customers will pay for, then invest in custom packaging like paper bags with handles to make it look even more appealing. This packaging hack doesn’t take too much money or effort, but it will definitely make your product stand out. This is an excellent choice if you want to impress anyone who sees your product!

Packaging Hack #6:

Another way to upgrade your paper products is by investing in colored paper shopping bags.  They’re great for retailers who are selling gifts or items at shops. Plus, they can even work as bags to carry your products around (a paper product hack).

Packaging Hack #7:

If you’re selling a product packed in plastic, make sure to include an insert, pamphlet, or booklet. This is especially important for beauty brands who frequently change their items and offer many different products such as makeup and skincare. It also helps to have the information about your company printed on the insert for new people to your brand.

This is especially helpful if you’re selling makeup with many different colors and shades, but not everyone knows what each looks like or which ones they should use. Instead, having information about your company printed on the back of an insert would be extremely beneficial since it’ll help guide customers on what products to buy.


There are small changes you can make to the packaging of your products that will have a huge impact like wax paper bags on how people view and purchase them. We hope these 7 creative hacks inspire you to rethink your product’s packaging, get more customers buying from your business, and save time in the process!

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Time Business News Editor Team