7 Must-Have Exterior Mods For Your Pickup Truck

Owning a pickup truck allows gearing it to where you want to be. A truck is highly versatile and you can give it some modifications to enhance its safety, comfort, and power. With some must-have mods, you can take your truck to long road trips, off-road adventures, and for heavy-duty lifting. Now that you have understood the need to invest in mods for your truck, it is time to understand the must-haves for your vehicle’s exterior. 

Image credit: wadeauto.com

Step bars

Step bars make entering and getting out of your truck easier. Climbing into the cab of a full-sized truck is very hard without step bars. You can choose from traditional oval step bars to powered running boards. Keep in mind that each type of step bars comes with a particular aesthetic value and function. 

Tonneau cover

The beauty of owning a truck is going anywhere wherever you want. However, you have to prepare for any weather change. Investing in a tonneau cover protects truck bed luggage from harsh weather elements and petty thieves. Luckily, a tonneau cover is very flexible and won’t interfere with the functionality of your truck. The ideal cover tilts open, folds, and retracts where necessary for ease of use. Look for a three-fold cover that requires no drilling to install and with a lock to secure truck bed contents. 

A tonneau cover is a must-have when planning to purchase cheap truck mods  to protect your vehicle from snow piling on the bed. A leak-proof cover will give you peace of mind even when cruising in the rain. However, due diligence is necessary to ensure that you invest in a cover to give you good value for money. You can install a soft tonneau cover or purchase a truck with one already installed by the distributor. 

LED light bars

For those who often take long trips in the night, you need a new set of lights to make driving your truck easier. While out camping in the wild, LED light bars will illuminate the surroundings perfectly to have a great moment. The lights come in different colors to allow selecting those that make your truck stand out. The rule of thumb is to research local laws regarding their use on public roads. 

Bigger tires 

Apart from enhancing the height of your truck, bigger tires boost the aesthetic feel. For people who love the outdoors, your truck will tackle any challenge while off-roading. You will not find trouble through dunes, rough terrains, and slippery places. Additionally, bigger tires will make your truck to appear more aggressive and bigger. 

Other reasons to lift your truck include:

  • Decreasing braking distance by fitting large brake rotors 
  • Improving truck towing capability
  • Improving  traction

Tailgate assists 

Supporting and preventing your tailgate from freefalling is very annoying and dangerous. Free falling significantly lessens the durability and lifespan of the tailgate. To avoid the costs of replacing the tailgate much sooner, invest in a tailgate assist. This saves you a lot of money and time. The tailgate assist controls the drop rate while leveling the tailgate without slamming it. 

Additionally, the tailgate assist works like a shock absorber to make tailgate opening easier to encourage lasting longer. Investing in a tailgate assist is one of the best ways to enhance your truck’s function and style. 

Bed liner

Your truck bed surface needs protection especially when you regularly use it to carry heavy loads. Apart from spray-ins, you can purchase a drop-in liner from a cheap mods distributor. With a quality bed liner, cleaning becomes a breeze. The rule of thumb is to opt for something organic for the good of your environment and truck. Equally important is to clean your truck regularly to limit the accumulation of grime that will give you a headache when the time for cleaning comes. 

Bed extender

When hauling kayaks, you need an extender for your truck bed to make it function better. This device extends the length of a truck bed to allow carrying oversize and longer loads that a generic bed would not. With an extender, your truck bed will carry items including kayaks, small boats, paddleboards, and large equipment and materials. You will appreciate investing in a truck bed extender when the time comes to convert your vehicle into a hauler. 

Other mods you can consider for your truck include:

  • All-weather floor liner
  • Truck bed storage box
  • Trailer hitches
  • Tool box
  • Floor mats 
  • Truck loading ramps
  • Custom decals and emblems

Wrapping up

Investing in mods for your pickup truck allows making it function and look better. There are various interior and exterior modifications to install on your truck without annulling its warranty. Exterior mods including tonneau cover, bed extender, a tailgate assist, and LED light bars will make you love your truck more.