7 most popular mobile apps developed on React Native

Do you know that there’s something common in some mobile apps that we use every single day? This is the story of the framework used for developing some mobile apps that are globally used by billions of people. The framework, called React Native, is the common link that we will talk about in this wrire-up.  


React Native is a Javascript-based cross-platform framework for iOS and Android app development.  


This framework has evolved from Facebook’s Hackathon project in 2013. React Native has been a preferred framework since Facebook made it available on GitHub in 2015 in its F8 conference.


What makes React Native so special?


It accelerates the process of building apps. It develops apps for both Android and iOS with a native-like performance from a single codebase.


Before it came into the picture, companies required two sets of developers to develop mobile operating systems. Mobile applications were mostly developed through either the native platform’s development environment or solutions like Ionis and Apache Cordova, Xamarin, etc. One of the main issues with these solutions is that they can’t be used to develop more than one mobile operating system. This necessity motivated Facebook to find a solution in the form of React Native Development.


It is also observed that the applications developed using Cordova are considerably slower than native applications. The user experience doesn’t remain the same. In some cases, the mobile operating system fails to provide all the features in the WebView that are available in the mobile browser. Problems like delayed response are quite frequent with these systems.


On the other hand, React Native has made it possible for the developers to create apps using only one paradigm. It has also improved application performance to provide a quality user experience. As a result, its popularity has significantly increased in the last few years. React Native is preferred for building many apps by developers. It has changed the course of technological development in our time. 


We have made a list of 7 most popular mobile apps that are built with React Native. The list itself shows the scope and success of the framework. 


  1. Facebook and Facebook Ads Manager


As we all know, Facebook is a social networking platform. It has made it easier for its users to share multimedia content with their Facebook friends. The global number of Facebook users is expected to reach 1.69 billion by 2020.


Although React Native was developed by Facebook, the Facebook mobile app isn’t entirely built with it. Its parts are still built with the native platform’s framework. However, Facebook has utilized React Native to build its first-ever cross-platform app Facebook Ads Manager. 


Facebook Ads Manager is an advertisement management tool for creating ads, managing their time slots and keeping track of their performance. React Native framework fulfills all the business requirements by effectively handling the differences in ad formats, time zones, currencies, etc. It provides a brilliant user experience for app users by its clutter-free interface and easy navigation. It’s fast and its quick responses result in easy access to information. Also, smooth animation and swift transitions are the added benefits. 


  1. Instagram


Instagram is a social networking platform owned by Facebook. Just like Facebook, it isn’t completely built with React Native. It was later adopted by Instagram in the form of ‘Push Notification View’ which originally existed as the WebView. 


As Instagram has a simple UI, the process of adding a new technology became easier. It did not require building navigation infrastructure. 


The app became faster when it embraced the new technology. As 85%-99% of code was shared between Android and iOS apps, the developers of the app delivered results faster than they would have with a native solution. For a popular app like Instagram, it certainly was a beneficial and necessary step.


  1. Skype


Skype is a telecommunications application that’s mostly used for video chats and voice calls. With the help of devices connected via the internet, users can also share multimedia messages. Its instant messaging services improve connectivity. 


Skype is owned by Microsoft. That’s why when React Native was chosen to build Skype, it proved the utility of the framework. It is so because Microsoft also owns a cross-platform mobile development framework called Xamarin. Hadn’t it been a better choice, Microsoft would have never chosen React Native for the app-building.


  1. Uber Eats

An app developed by Uber that can be used by users to order food online and to get it delivered. It allows users to keep track of their orders. The method of online payment has made the money transaction faster and hassle-free for its users. 


Being a food delivery app, it has to deal with a tremendous amount of information that can be viewed by several users simultaneously. For an app like Uber Eats that involves live tracking and food menus, it is crucial to be fast, easy and accurate. React Native makes it easier for the developers to build an efficient app for its users. It also helps provide amazing service to its users who are usually searching for food. No wonder React Native is used by Uber Eats for a better user experience.  


  1. Airbnb 


Airbnb is another popular app that’s built with React Native. It is an online marketplace for arranging and offering accommodation in a particular locale. It connects people who want to rent out their homes with those, who are looking for a place to stay in that area. The company acts as a broker. So, just like Uber eats, it has to maintain a list of available real estates for users to select the one they like. With React Native, it becomes easier for its developers as building reusable code is possible. A global company like Airbnb requires the ease and quick pace that only React Native can offer. 


ework has certainly increased their productivity.  


  1. Soundcloud Pulse  


Soundcloud Pulse is the most popular platform for the distribution and sharing of music. While designing the second set of native apps, the app developers faced several problems that nudged them in the direction of React Native. Soundcloud Pulse has more than 76 million registered users on the platform, with over 150 million soundtracks. It is one of the most popular apps in the world that is built on React Native.


So, this was the list of 7 most popular mobile applications that are built with React Native. The list doesn’t end here. There are hundreds of apps that are developed using React Native because of its benefits. Some notable apps are Myntra, Walmart, Tesla, Yeti Smart Home, Whym, etc. The most important thing to note here is that React Native is a viable alternative to the native app development. It can be used in all walks of life. It makes the experience easier for the developers as well as for the users. With React Native, possibilities are endless. It has shown tremendous potential for growth and we will certainly see many more apps developed with React Native in the future.