7 major actions to fix your Site Rankings after core Update

Every month or so, Google updates its core search ranking algorithm, and it crashes the SEO rankings. It’s hard to keep up with the core updates as they keep hitting after a month or two. Google loves to update its core search system, and it’s something we can’t change. 


One thing we can do is seek prevention rather than cure. Result Oriented SEO companies have dropped some ideas to tackle the core updates. After carefully going through the ideas, we have compiled seven takeaways and significant actions to fix SEO rankings after every core update.


Read on to learn how you can quickly get away with side-effects of Google core updates.


Calm Down & Relax!


If you see a sudden SEO drop after a core update, it’s better to wait. Ross Tavendale, a managing director at Type A Media, suggests that users must wait before calling any action. Ross thinks that if you react to the core updates, it will break your SEO strategy, and you’ll be left there scratching your head.


Google brush up the updates over time; it’s not a great decision to react immediately. Just focus on your content & keep the same workflow. Don’t start adapting fancy SEO tactics after every core update. They won’t help you, just sit back relax & focus on your content.


Upgrade Content to Searchers’ Requirements


Quality content is everything! After core updates, Google crawlers reconsider every page as per new guidelines and updated searches. To break out of the core update hell loop, update your content with new information.


Keep two things in mind, the relevancy of your content & searchers’ requirements. Provide value in your content, and you’ll gradually top the SEO rankings after core updates. 


Result oriented SEO companies suggest conducting SERP analysis. It helps to identify critical factors that can be implemented when revamping content. Lastly, keep one thing in mind, improve content so that Google algorithms can understand it easily.


Keep an Eye on Competitors


If things aren’t going your way, look at what your competitors are doing. Analyze how they are dealing with the new core updates. You’ll definitely see a pattern. It will help you to tailor your website to knock off the SEO rankings pressure.

Learn from your rivals, analyze their website through various tools, and make a detailed report. Compare your site with competitors, and you’ll surely find something meaningful.


Don’t ignore a single point from the data you have collected. Every single data point represents something important.


Audit Your Website


Result oriented SEO companies have gained a good amount of success in recovering sites from Google core updates via this method. A complete technical audit & thin content audit helps to avoid problems caused via core updates.


Page assessments & backlink overview also plays a huge role in recovering sites after Google core updates. Optimize your website with precious tips & ticks and avoid grey hat SEO rankings hacks.


Audit your website according to the industry standards so that Google can proudly rank it on higher SEO rankings.


Apply Tricks/Tips One At a Time


When you are fixing problems & implementing your recovery plan, change one thing at a time. Don’t go all-in with the changes, experiment one thing first, then wait for the results. Fixing everything at once will not be hard, but it can break your plan in the long-run.


If you are working on a client’s website, he/she will surely want you to fix things right away, but it will only increase risks. Be patient and apply one trick at a time. Although your client might get pissed, he’ll thank you after some time.


Analyze Recent Activities & Changes


Trackback the recent changes you have made related to SEO on your website & analyze them. It can be a possibility that those amendments might be conflicting with the new core update. Revert changes one at a time and track the results.


Don’t revert all the changes at once, wait for the update to roll-out completely, and act accordingly. Result oriented SEO companies recommend users to also keep an eye on non-SEO related changes they have made in recent times.


Analyzing recent changes and reverting them after core updates have worked out for the majority.


Inspect Affected Websites & Learn


Analyze and inspect the websites that have been greatly affected by the core updates. It will help you to layout some points for your site. Moreover, get the help of free & paid tools to see where your competitors are lacking and see what you can do to stay ahead of the trouble.

From content strategy to backlinks and page optimization, carry out in-depth checks on affected websites. Collect useful data and plot a plan for your website so that you don’t get overblown by the Google core updates.

Result oriented SEO companies use this strategy to avoid any sort of fluctuations or problems caused by core updates.


Take action today if your site is affected after the Google core updates and don’t let your SEO rankings slip.

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Ellen Hollington

Ellen Hollington is a freelance writer who offers to ghostwrite, copywriting, and blogging services. She works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing digital marketing content that gains social media attention and increases their search engine visibility.