7 living room furnishing ideas you should try

Each of us is a bit of a designer. After all, we all have at least a small idea of ​​what our ideal living room should look like, right? We immediately know what effect we want to achieve in the living room, what basic ideas to convey in its design, which sofa to choose for the living room or a wall.

Nevertheless, we have collected for you 7 interesting living room design ideas that are easy to repeat, and it will look beautiful, original and harmonious.

Choose light shades for living room decoration:

Light shades of furniture and walls will help make the room visually wider and larger. Even if you have a compact living room at your disposal, light colors will help you believe that there is more space in the room than it seemed at first.

In addition, light shades subconsciously make us strive for minimalism, do not store trash at home and clean up on time. And no, white is not at all like in a hospital. Now tacos are offered in many shades of white: glossy white  walls , milky sofas – this technique looks beautiful and laconic.

Experiment with contemporary styles

Scandinavian styles and loft are especially popular, including when decorating a living room. The loft allows you to leave unmasked wires from the TV (a kind of style for the lazy), and use a rather rough design of the walls (like concrete or brick). Everything should resemble an industrial building.

The advantage of such an interior is not only that it is so fashionable now, but also significant savings on materials.

The Scandinavian style is the complete opposite of a loft – it is cozy and comfortable. It has room for all the cute things, like a nice pillow or a warm blanket on an armchair. In furniture, it requires simple shapes and monochrome shades.

Try different lighting options

Various scenarios for lighting the living room will help to adapt the room to different needs: dim lights for relaxing and watching TV, wall lighting – to create a romantic setting, additional table lamps or floor lamps – for reading books, etc. There are so many different lighting options for a room nowadays that it is simply unacceptable to limit yourself to boring overhead lighting. Try, experiment and see what happens!

Organize a study in the living room

Many of us have been working remotely lately. Usually the bedroom or kitchen becomes the place of work. But what if you organize a work area right in the living room? For convenience, zone the recreation area and the work area using a partition rack or lay carpets of different colors on the two halves of the room so that it is immediately clear where to work and where to relax.

Make a living room library

Do you love books more than TV shows and every time you are outraged when your favorite novels are filmed, tearing all the most interesting from the original plot?

Then you definitely need a small library right in your living room. And where else could she be in a city apartment? The living room often has  sofas and armchair where you can comfortably sit with a book, and many of the Ball Furniture sofas have built-in bedside tables where you can always hide the book you are reading right now.

Combine the living room with the kitchen

The living room is often combined with the kitchen, and the dining area is brought out here. It’s convenient – anyway, we often take our plates and go to Concrete Dining Table closer to the TV, on a comfortable sofa.

The main difficulty here is redevelopment. And you still have to separate the cooking area, because there is a risk that the entire living room will turn into one large kitchen.

Living room instead of a playroom

In a small apartment, with the appearance of a child, each room becomes a nursery or a playroom, even a kitchen. Let’s immediately identify the areas where the child can play with peace of mind, and even if the living room is compact, you can still find a place for a chest or shelving with toys, a pair of bright ottomans and a soft carpet to sit right on the floor without risking a cold.

Perhaps you have your own ideas for decorating the living room. Now is the best time to bring them to life!