7 Little Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference with Your Leather Jacket Trend

Leather jackets always come up with something new and innovative for people to work on. Looking back at history, leather jackets were only used as protective gear which was mainly worn by bikers and pilots. Looking at the modern world today, you will come across numerous different leather jackets that serve different looks as well as purposes. 

Not only are they high in fashion now but the numerous modifications have surely made them a brilliant statement piece for everyone to try on. Therefore, you don’t really need to style a leather jacket because it already has the fashion and class you are looking for. However, if you still want to step up a notch then you can always use these hacks to change your look. 

1. A soft scarf

Scarves are underrated but they can add a great sense of style to your outfit. They come in numerous different varieties and also in different materials as well. As leather jackets display a bold look, you can also tone it down a bit by using a scarf. An ideal scarf to achieve this look will be a soft one. The material will go well with leather because leather is tough which is why it was used as protective gear. 

Creating a different look with textures can easily be enhanced by mixing 2 different materials together. Therefore, you can just wrap the scarf around your neck and it will suit you the best. Moreover, you can also use a different colored scarf with a pattern. It would look best if you combine a lighter color with dark. 

2. Wear a printed shirt beneath

We tend to think that a bold look can only be done by using simple plain colors. However, that is not the right hack to use. You can wear any type of shirt beneath your leather jacket and all of them will give you a different look. There are numerous celebrities that wear a simple color when wearing a leather jacket but now things took a turn. 

Wearing a cheetah print underneath will always give your look a pop of color and it will also spice up the look. There are some plain jackets as well such as the Diane Kruger Marie jacket which does not really need anything as the jacket itself is amazing. However, you can still add color because there is no harm in it. 

3. High-length boots

One classic way to style your leather jacket is to wear high-length boots. This will always create a bold look and it will up your style. The jacket with the high-staffed boots will give you a sleek look and it will also make your outfit come tougher. Moreover, these kinds of boots always look good with a jacket as both things compliments each other. You will have immense freedom to do whatever and they are also easy to walk in. 

4. Add pearls

Adding pearls in any way into your outfit will give it that glowing look. It will also give you a mature look as the pearls will add a different edge to your style. Moreover, you can also add a clutch that has pears or a necklace to upgrade the look. 

5. Lace and flares

Flares have been a new modern fashion trend which makes your legs look longer and leaner as well. Therefore, you will automatically look taller and sleek and when you top that off with a leather jacket then everything will fall into place. If you have a shirt that has flares or laces at the end then it will make the outfit more attractive as a different texture will be added. 

6. Use a Flannel 

If you are going for a chic look then adding a flannel to your leather jacket will look amazing. No matter if you are going to a soccer game or just spending time in your home, you can always add to the look by wearing a flannel. Adding layers to your jacket will look more stylish and it will also add warmth. Moreover, flannel is in different colors and it also has different designs which add more brightness to the entire look. 

7. Denim

Denim is something that everyone owns and it is something that keeps exalting in its looks. Therefore, when you have a leather jacket then pairing that with some denim will always hype up the look. You can always do this if you are going for a bolder look. As leather jackets are already a strong material, they will match really well with denim as well. Therefore, you can wear a denim shirt and jeans to go with the look. The original color of denim is also attractive which will give a good color to your outfit.