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How to Scan Inbound Links With An Effective Link Building Strategy

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Simple secrets for an effective link building strategy without buying links

In  SEO terms , the optimization of a website to improve its  positioning  in the search engine results pages,  link building  still assumes a fundamental value today. Google has been the most used search engine by users for years, so when we talk about SEO ,  link building  and ranking improvement we almost always refer to Big G.

Obtaining quality backlinks (the links pointing to our site on other portals) has become increasingly difficult, since competition has increased considerably as has the intelligence of search engines in understanding whether the link received is truly natural ( as it always has to be) or not. This is one of the reasons why having a correct link building strategy today can make a difference.

A higher number of inbound links for a website (always taking into consideration that quality is an indispensable factor), corresponds to a greater consideration by Google. As a result, that site benefits from the position of positioning  in the SERP (search engine results page), organic traffic and revenue. Following 7 strategies and ideas on link building for your site that have already been successful with other portals.

Develop reusable content campaigns

Most of the time, when you think of a link building campaign that focuses on content, you tend to think as if you are dealing with a traditional advertising campaign. This means that we often develop one link building campaign at a time, chasing as many links as possible for a limited period of time, until we abandon it and create a new one.

We are not saying that this is a wrong strategy, it is clear. But it is also true that from an economic resources point of view it is not the most correct solution that a  webmaster  can adopt for his site. In fact, every time he finishes a campaign he needs to create a new one from scratch, investing resources on its development. Is there an alternative to all this? Yup.

The direct reference is to link building campaigns based on reusable content, those texts that do not exhaust their potential within a few weeks (or days, in the worst case) but allow you to obtain numerous backlinks even when different time has passed since their publication. We are aware that it is not a strategy followed by the masses, but it works both from an SEO services of view and from an economic point of view, saving time and money.

Don’t stop at the outreach

The concept is quite similar to the first one. We have already seen how a traditional link building strategy involves a content campaign limited in time. The pattern that tends to repeat itself with some frequency is the following: idea, design, research, making contact (the so-called outreach). This is well summarized in the image below, which shows each step in chronological order.

Creative process

On the contrary, a clear change of pace is needed, a revolution that must start first of all from a mental point of view: a link building campaign never ends. The goal must be to create evergreen content campaigns, which are able to generate incoming links (backlinks) every time they are reused, even after their first creation.

How is it possible to create a link building campaign that meets these characteristics? Help comes directly from annual events, such as Christmas, on which we can create evergreen content and update them year after year on the occasion of the specific event. We took the example of Christmas but other special holidays or anniversaries in our calendar can also be used.

By following this strategy, it is also possible to save valuable economic resources that would otherwise have been destined for new short-term link building campaigns. With less effort in terms of time and budget, excellent results can be obtained, with tens (hundreds or thousands) backlinks deriving from a single content campaign reused over and over again over time.

Find out what works in all sectors

Link building campaigns are an important source of knowledge. The team of a marketing or SEO agency should always aim to learn from previous content campaigns, for better or for worse. What worked? But what didn’t work? The answers to these two questions trace a first fundamental scheme for the realization of a link building campaign associated with a new customer.

One of the reasons why customers choose to rely on an agency for the creation of a campaign based mainly on content is precisely the experience gained by the marketing agency itself in this specific sector. If a campaign or an element of it has been successful for a customer, there is a high possibility that the same will happen for other customers, perhaps with similar interests.

To get the most out of a link building campaign, with a view to offering a better service to its customers, it can be useful to write down from time to time the campaigns that have been successful and their degree of complexity. An effective example is represented by the image below, where the scheme created by the digital marketing agency SEO NYC Company.

A basic idea may be to write down the following data for each individual link building campaign:

  • Number of links, nofollow links and brand mentions generated
  • Campaign launch date
  • The customer’s market sector
  • Which type of campaign was chosen
  • Whether the data was used or not

In the beginning, the list will be different for each customer. Over time, however, the accumulated data will be necessary to create increasingly effective and less costly campaigns in terms of time and money used, being able to rely on the results previously obtained from other campaigns.

Find gold publications for exclusive work

A digital marketing agency should always ask its client what its 10 gold publications are. The reason is simple: this strategy allows you to obtain detailed information on what matters to the customer in terms of coverage, as well as naturally offering a list of sites where the customer would be excited to be part of.

When the outreach phase begins, the agency that already owns one of the jobs on which customers focus most has an advantage. The following idea is to contact, for example, a journalist and offer him the client’s publication selected from the previous list. The purpose of the agency is to establish contact with a journalist who knows how to give value to the client’s work, wanting to be the first to write it online and share it with his readership.

The benefits of this strategy are manifold. Among these we can include:

Guarantee of achieving great success in the initial moments of the campaign, thus alleviating the pressure that derives from the outreach phase

After collaborating with a large newspaper, many other media outlets can be pushed to talk about the client’s publication without the agency moving a finger.

Contact the second level sites

One of the main goals of a link building campaign is to be able to secure inbound links from sites that have high domain authority. In this way, the customer’s site acquires a part of both the authority and the traffic of that portal from which it obtains the backlink thanks to a targeted campaign.

The downside to a similar strategy is that highly credible domains usually take credit for the job from second-tier portals even when the original source is another. Let’s say, for example, that thanks to an in-depth research, a customer gets a backlink from a famous information portal such as Corriere della Sera. Going viral, the news is picked up by other sites, which instead of citing the customer’s site as the original source, assign the link to Corriere della Sera.

This is one of the reasons why it would be preferable to contact these same sites and ask them to correct the link, effectively assigning it to the original work of their client.

Use keyword research to get more links

Within a link building strategy, keyword research plays a very important role. The goal is to identify all those search terms related to the central idea of ​​the content developed for the link building campaign and to make sure that they are searched by users.

Although it may seem paradoxical, the best results are obtained from keywords that have very low search volumes. The reason is easy to say: a less searched keyword also corresponds to fewer searches, which translates into less competition. This means that you have a greater chance not only of having a better ranking in the SERP but also of obtaining one or more backlinks from users interested in that specific topic.

Overcome the obstacles of link building

Getting inbound links for your own website or that of a customer does not depend only on our actions but also on the actions of others. It can sometimes happen that the activity of others negatively affects the link building campaign, when for example two digital marketing agencies work on the same site.

One of the tips to overcome the obstacles that could arise before the launch of a link building campaign is to share your plan in advance, so that you can also plan the other content campaigns.


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