7 Learning Trends that Are Shaping the Education System for Future

One of the most consistent aspects you get to see around you is change. Today, you will find transformation in all the sectors, from technological advancements to how teachers are imparting knowledge to the students.

If the statistics are to be believed, then we are looking at AI (Artificial Intelligence)-driven education system in the future. By 2021, it is expected that 47.5% of the educational institutions will be applying AI to enhance the learning process of the students. In this article, we will take a look at the new trends in the learning process, which are already being implemented at school and
college levels around the world.

  1. Bite-sized Learning

Most of the students have a short attention span. Not only does it hamper the learning process, but it leads to dire consequences in the future. Thanks to AI, today, the education sector has started comprehending the unique learning requirements of the students. And, now the teachers are applying nano-learning to increase the efficiency of the education process. If they are searching online cdr help they can get varioue type of results.

  1. Augmented Reality

Due to a surge in the popularity of Virtual Reality headsets among young students, today, the education sector is looking forward to putting the technology to good use. Since students are able to retain audio-visual effects for a long time, schools and colleges are accepting VR with both hands. In fact, students are able to visualize 3D models of geographical terrains, atoms, etc.

  1. Standardized Tests

93% of the studies suggest that standardized tests are beneficial for the progress of the students. It helps in developing the aptitude and reasoning skills of the students and offers a quick assessment. Moreover, the tests are unbiased, as the OMR sheets are checked by machines, and hence, it is being implemented worldwide by the schools and colleges.

  1. Personalized Learning

With the incorporation of AI, teachers are in a better position to understand the issues that the students are facing. AI (accompanied by Machine Learning) monitors student progress, and mind maps the cognitive processing of the students. Based on the results, it provides feedback to the teachers. For instance, Carnegie Learning provides personalized recommendations, and the
Dragon Speak app offers assistance to dyslexic students.

  1. Digital Twins

Digital Twins is one of the most innovative technologies that will help out the students in analyzing objects properly without having to touch them. A digital twin is an online virtual representation of yourself, which you can use to model nuclear reactors, study radioactive elements. At Aarhus School of Marine and Technical, mechanical engineering assignment help, digital 3D copies of automation systems are used to program automatic production lines.

  1. E-Learning

It is estimated that the global e-learning market will reach $325 billion by 2025 , and that too for a good reason. Today, you won’t find a single student without smartphones. Thus, the education system is looking forward to taking advantage of online platforms. You will find various websites and apps, tailor-made for the students, so that they can get study materials and even
online lectures of professors anytime.

  1. Integrated Programs

Colleges and schools are implementing integrated programs so as to involve the interested students from different classes in the same project work. Moreover, this leads to an increase in the scope of collaboration among the students. Surprisingly, the programs lead to a significant reduction in the cost of the education system.

As you can see, the learning process is changing drastically. Even if the AI technology has not yet surpassed the grass-root level, it has caused a revolution in the way we visualize and approach things. If you take my word, the education system is in safe hands, and students are
being exposed to a wide range of resources that they can put to good use to have a flourishing career. You can find more at this link.


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