7 Key Factors to Consider When Hiring Moving Services

Are you looking for a quality moving service?

Moving from one place to another is back-breaking work. You have to carry furniture around and be careful of any breaks on appliances. You must also make sure everything fits in your trunk before moving.

To simplify this process, why not hire professional moving services? Hiring a moving company will up the price tag but will make the process much easier for you. Nothing compares to the peace of mind knowing that your possessions are in professional hands.

These are the seven factors you need to consider before hiring a moving company. Read on to learn more.

1. Customer Reviews

How will I know if the moving company is reputable? This is the first question we ask while checking for a good moving service. Every company will always say they’re the best to sell their services.

The trick is to check the trusted reviews their previous customers posted. Every moving company has its website to use as a contacting platform. You can often find customer reviews at the bottom of their landing page or on a separate page search engine page.

This helps you determine if their services are good enough for you. People will often say how good or bad they were when helping them move. Use these to determine if the service you want is worth your investment.

2. Good Track Record

Checking the track record is another thing for you to do. This is because you can have a more clear image of how the service operates. You can see whether they’re consistent or not with their services.

You want to make sure that the people that handle your belongings are competent. Knowing their track record is another way to ensure their services are as good as the advertisement.

A great way to do this is to check their portfolio. These often contain the experience they’ve had with previous clients. You will also notice if they worked with big company names here, as they like advertising that they worked with these companies.

3. Insurance and Assurance Policies

All moving companies should assume liabilities for the goods they are transporting. There are two different levels of liability to keep in mind when hiring moving companies. These are the charges that may apply and the amount of protection provided.

First is the Full (Replacement) Value Protection. This means if they break an item, they are to restore it to the original state or pay for the cost of repairs. They should also replace the item with the same quality if they can’t do the other options.

Second is the alternate level of liability. This is the most economical protection and minimal protection available. This option assumes the mover liability to pay a part of the cost with no charge. 

4. Transparent Rates

The cost of hiring a moving company is sure to make you think twice. However, contrary to the belief, hiring the services of moving professionals is an economic move. This is only if you check their rates before hiring them.

When booking for a mover’s service, what they give is the rate based on the number of hours and movers you will need from them. What you don’t know is that this rate may not include a few things.

There are fees included in the extra packing of materials. The potential rate also increases for every large, heavy object and incidental add-ons. This is why a moving company can’t give you the final price over the phone.

However, they should be able to give you an estimate of what you will pay. Always make sure to ask about extra fees that may apply to your situation.

5. Reliability

Hire only trained professionals to ensure efficiency and care while moving. This is a much better option than relying on friends and family.

The main concern for people that are moving is being able to settle in their new house. You need not worry because professionals pride themselves on being efficient. They are punctual and can guarantee that their teamwork will get you in your new home.

Professional moving companies are also well equipped. You should see them using the right tools to move your items. Also, they should have plenty of high-quality materials such as bubble wraps and packing tape to use.

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6. Pay Attention to the Contract

A signed contract contains all the information needed for your moving service. It also contains agreements that both parties make while negotiating. Don’t leave out any important details including fees, base rate, and extra payments.

Always read the contract and make sure your belongings are all accounted for. If an item is missing and they are not listed you cannot file a claim. Not having one makes it hard for you to ask for compensation for any missing item.

Even if a moving company is the best around, there’s no accounting for something if there is no record of it. This makes it important to have a written agreement no matter what.

7. Peace of Mind

Moving from one household to another is stressful no matter what. You will spend hours cleaning, packing, and listing the number of things that you have. You must also do it all again when unpacking in the new house.

Skilled professional movers ensure that you have an easy time moving your items. You need not get stressed over it if you don’t need to. So, hire a professional moving service and get that peace of mind and save time.

Know More About Hiring Moving Services Today

Moving from one place to another should not cause you any trouble or stress. It should be a feeling of anticipation and joy as you look forward to your new home and neighborhood.

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