7 Ideas for Making a Wedding Elopement Feel Special

The first thing to know is that elopement doesn’t have to mean “secret.” It can, but it doesn’t have to. If you want your closest family and friends there to celebrate with you, then invite them! Just because you want a more intimate wedding ceremony doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate together afterward. There are many ways to make your elopement feel special — from choosing meaningful details like your vows and the location to celebrating after the ceremony with loved ones.

Here are some tips for making elopement plans that will be memorable for you and your partner:

A destination wedding

Destination weddings used to be expensive and challenging, but no longer! There are plenty of affordable options for Las Vegas, Hawaii, and even Europe for small gatherings and elopements. Even if you’re on a budget, there are tons of options for locations that can make your day feel special — like where you first met, your favorite restaurant, or even a library or bookstore.

Hire an officiant.

Even though they don’t need their services to make your marriage official, hiring a celebrant can add a touch of ceremony to your nuptials. Celebrants are trained in making otherwise ordinary ceremonies feel special, and they can provide welcome guidance in writing vows or choosing readings.

Hire a wedding photographer

You could consider hiring an elopement photographer to capture your moments if you have the resources. You’ll want someone who has experience in capturing elopements, or at least weddings. Having pictures is something you can look back on and share with loved ones who may disapprove of an elopement.

Write vows for each other and get matching bands.

Writing vows for each other is typically done with traditional weddings but does not have to be written off because you’re eloping. It’s a lovely way to demonstrate your love and devotion to each other by penning vows for each other.

Identical wedding bands are an option for you and your partner. This can be seen as a symbol of your union and commitment to spending your life with each other. And if you don’t feel comfortable getting married just yet, but would like to show off the fact that you’re committed to each other, then this could be another way of doing so!

Plan a virtual reception.

If you want to spend time with friends and family after you get hitched but don’t want them physically present at your ceremony, plan a Zoom call reception afterward. Make it feel festive by sending invitations and asking everyone to dress up for the occasion.

Consider celebrating with a first dance

Why would you stick with the usual slow-as-molasses first dance if you want something different from a typical wedding? Instead, try choosing a song that represents your relationship or your values as a couple and choreograph a fun, silly dance to go with it. The dance doesn’t have to be perfect — in fact, part of the fun is letting loose and having a good time!

A tiny church wedding

If you’ve always dreamt of being married in a church, but don’t want all the fuss of a big ceremony, consider having your ceremony in a tiny church instead. You’ll get all the beauty of the stained glass windows and architecture without all those guests stealing your attention from the officiant! Just make sure to check with the diocese first — some places may require additional paperwork.