7 Home Design Trends to Look Forward in 2020

If you run out of ideas to upgrade your home, then the new year is the best way to think about it. It gives us the opportunity to follow the design trends and upgrade your living style with the new trends.

So, if you have just shifted in your new home or looking to redecorate your home, then 2020 is the best year to start with. Before you start, you must watch out the trending designs that will help you to upgrade your lifestyle.

Let’s know what these are:           


  1. Garden Everywhere

Nature isn’t the new trend but the everlasting trend which gives your home the energy, sunlight and the best environment to heal with. So, the garden shouldn’t be outside only but also your kitchen, lounge, and bedrooms. That means leveraging it everywhere especially your kitchen. 

If you manage your business from home, then you should also be going for the garden because it will increase your productivity. 


  1. Personal Style

2019 was the year of minimalism and following the colorful palette trends but in 2020 you’ll see following their personal style while decorating their condo. It’s because the way they decorate their homes will become a signature of the style they used to follow. 

So, in 2020 following the personal style will become a norm as people will go for more personalization. Like if they are a nature-friendly person, they will try to leverage nature everywhere in their space. And if they are a trendsetter, they will go for trends that will make their home appealing to the visitors and give them new ideas to follow. 


  1. Black is the New Trend

Black is attractive, black is the new bold and black is better. So, black will be followed more in 2020. From countertops to kitchen cabinets, walls and sinks, black will make your home look attractive. One thing that will resist people choosing black is that it makes the space small and claustrophobic. So, to avoid this you can couple black with white or any other color that looks great in contrast. 

Apart from black, the green and blue color will also be in 2020 for a fresh look but the bold colors will be winning the race, try going for it.  


  1. Sustainable Belongings

People following the minimalism trend will also look for sustainable materials for an eco-friendly lifestyle and cost-saving solutions. It’s because the Internet is playing a strong role in the awareness of the products that are eco-friendly which is influencing the buyer’s decision.

So, the products that will last long will become their add to cart items so regardless of the cost because a quality product once purchased is better than quantity product purchased thrice. 


  1. Handmade Goods

Whether it’s about decorating your Toronto lofts or your rooms, handmade crafts will remain the first choice when it comes to decorating the home. So, instead of going for the mass-made items, people will be pursuing artists who sell products with a story.

Another reason for going for handmade goods is that because it looks natural and more pleasing as compared to artificial goods.


  1. Structured Simplicity

Whether you’re looking to make your small condo look big or to enhance the look of your big condo, simplicity will always remain the top choice in 2020.

The reason to approach simplicity is that it will help in creating a calm, chilled-out space to relax and rejuvenate. Also, the simple lifestyle is light on cost. 

So, going for soft and neutral colors will give you more thoughtful choices and also a sustainable way to go for your living.  


  1. Bold Spaces

You’ll see people finding cozy, individual spaces to follow for different activities without any distraction. Like space for reading, meditation or writing. Or people can also go for space where they can implement their ideas.

Small washrooms or spaces will also become a fashion statement as people will be following it for ideas. You can also make the space livelier by creative lightning, fixtures and dramatic wallpapers.  

With that being said, let’s go on changing to decorating our homes with these top trending ideas of 2020. If you think your idea is missing, go an adding in the comments section below.