7 Hidden Benefits of Using Granite Countertops in a Kitchen

If you want to update the countertop in your kitchen, then you should consider using granite. This material will give your kitchen a new look and feel. There are several benefits that come along with using granite countertops.

1- Resists Scratching And Chipping

Granite is the second hardest material there is. It has the ability to resist scratching and chipping. However, you have to be cautious while you are slicing, dicing, and chopping foods. If you take good care of granite, then it can potentially last a long time. In fact, you may not ever have to replace your granite countertops.

2- Easy for You to Clean

Granite material is easy to clean. The only things that you need are soft cloths and dish soaps. Your granite will be clean with little to no effort on your part. The fact that the granite countertop resists bacteria and dirt makes it even easier for you to clean.

3- Affordable

If you are on your budget, then a granite countertop is definitely your best option. The cost can vary greatly. However, you can expect to pay anywhere from $40 to $200 per square foot. The thickness of each slab will determine how much money you will have to spend on your granite countertops. Keep in mind that you will also have to pay for the cost of installation.

4-Increase the Value of Your Kitchen

Granite countertops can greatly increase the value of your kitchen. If you plan on selling your home in the future, then you will be able to get more for it if you invest in a granite countertop. Even if you do not want to move right now, you will be able to upgrade your space with granite countertops.

You will have to invest money in your granite countertops. However, the return on investment will be nice. This means that you can potentially recoup the costs.

5-Easy to Repair

You may be careful, but an accident can still occur. If you happen to damage your granite countertops, then there is no need for you to worry. A professional can easily repair your kitchen countertop.

6- Moisture and Heat Resistant

Not only are granite countertops resistant to scratching, but they are also resistant to moisture and heat. Granite countertops were made with extreme heat. If you spill something on the counter, then you easily be able to clean it up. The stain will not settle on the countertop as long as you clean up the spill as soon as it occurs.

If you want additional protection, then you can seal the granite countertop. A sealant will be able to protect against staining and etching. You will need to have the sealant re-applied to your countertops every year.

7- Endless Design Options

Granite is available in different colors. You can get granite countertops that match your kitchen decor. You will be able to impress your guests with your countertop. If you are not sure about which color you should choose, then you can talk to a kitchen remodeler.