7 Herbs for Energy Better Than Caffeine

Many of us adults tend to live our lives based on caffeine consumption. When that midday slump rolls around, many of us opt for grabbing an energy drink or a cup of coffee to get much-needed caffeine to make it through the rest of the day. The truth is that you don’t have to rely on caffeine to get the energy that you need to make it through your entire day. Choosing wholesale herbs and botanicals are some of the best food ingredients because they provide the supposed benefits of the food without requiring you to have farming connections. Rather, there are many different herbs for energy that you can use which provide the same effect as caffeine without the health risks involved.


Maca, an all-natural herb, has a very high nutrient density, which makes it a great herb for you to be ingesting. Many studies have shown that Maca can enhance your body in many different ways. These include enhancing your mood, improving your endurance, and even boost your libido. These are a lot of benefits from one herb. While Maca isn’t considered a stimulant, it does produce energy and raises mood levels in humans. These positive impacts are attributed to the fact that Maca works to stabilize your blood glucose levels in the body.

Holy Basil

Holy Basil, also referred to as Tulsi, is another natural herb that is known to enhance energy and endurance. Holy Basil can be ingested in many different forms, including extracts and teas. This herb also has benefits for helping people adapt to stress and anxiety due to its adaptogenic property that promotes mental health. This herb is thought to enhance energy levels due to its ability to normalize the blood glucose levels in the body as well as the body’s blood pressure, cognitive functioning, and lipids levels. Holy Basil also has natural anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory qualities that make it perfect for your immune system and the overall health of your body.


Ginseng is a popular herb that is used in many different energy drinks. This herb is well known to enhance energy levels and mental focus. When speaking about the herb Ginseng, it’s important to realize that there are two different forms of it. These are commonly referred to as the American ginseng and the Asian ginseng. American ginseng is known to be the more potent of the two providing more stimulation to a person’s energy levels.

It does this by enhancing the adrenal glands of the body. Ginseng, apart from enhancing your energy levels, can also help you to resist environmental stressors, have better concentration, fight mental fatigue, and even slow down the natural effects of aging on your body. The workings behind this natural stimulant are attributed to its polysaccharides and oligopeptides, which naturally increase energy production in your body cells.


One of the most popular adaptogenic herbs on the market today is Ashwagandha. This herb has actually been used for over three centuries to help enhance energy levels in humans. It’s also known to reduce cortisol levels in the body that are related to stress and reduce inflammation. Ashwagandha is thought to work by regulating a specific chemical in your nervous system. It cuts off the pathway for this chemical to travel from the nervous system to the brain. This makes it nearly impossible for your body to recognize stress and your body’s actual perception of fatigue. So, when you’re physically tired, the adaptogenic effect of this herb helps to reduce the amount of fatigue that you feel.


The next herb on our list is referred to as Rhodiola. This helpful herb works to boost your energy levels and alleviate fatigue. It’s also well known to calm down the stress levels in your body by actually decreasing the amount of cortisol that your body produces. When it comes to mental effects, Rhodiola works to decrease both mental and physical fatigue in the body. It helps with things like reducing the feeling of exhaustion, difficulty concentrating, and brain fog. Rhodiola works by enhancing the number of alpha waves in your brain. If you do any research on Alpha waves you’ll come to discover that these are the waves that help you to feel less stressed in your life.


Another herb that takes on the lack of energy is Schisandra. This energy-boosting compound contains lignans that have natural antioxidant properties. This natural adaptogen works to enhance your stress resilience, concentration, and energy levels. Much like other herbs that we’ve discussed above, Schisandra works by preventing extreme responses of the body to the various forms of stress. By providing more balance for your body and stress resilience, it will help to keep your energy levels up throughout the day as you’ll expend less energy throughout the day on natural stressors.


A more controversial entry on this list, Cannabis is a supplement that has varying acceptance across the world. With its diverse forms and methods of preparation, it can be difficult for people to navigate what it all means and what it does for your body. So far as energy is concerned, proponents of cannabis claim that sativa strains of cannabis can help significantly with energy levels and use it regularly for this purpose. Just make sure that usage is allowed in your area, and it’s probably a good idea to consult with a doctor first as well with this or any other entry on this list.

Taking all-natural herbs to enhance your energy levels throughout the day can be a great choice as compared to taking on healthy caffeine from energy drinks and coffee. However, like taking on any new supplement routine, it’s always a good idea to speak with your healthcare professional. You should never start taking a new herb supplement without understanding its side effects and any potential drug interactions that it may cause with your unique body type. Not everything that works for someone else will work for you, so pay close attention to how you feel. With that in mind, hopefully this list gave you some ideas of where to start so you can feel energized and ready for the day’s challenges.