7 Health Benefits You Didn’t Know about Cannabis

As a regular Internet user and a frequent reader about the therapeutic merits of cannabis, probably you think you have exhausted the list. 

However, that’s typically not the case. This is because as days go by, a plentitude of pieces or research and case studies get conducted to establish a new benefit or two.

In this write-up, we are going to focus on the 7 newest health benefits of cannabis with Dr.Dabber. It is also worth mentioning that these merits get backed up by scientific studies from dependable sites.

Let’s have a glance at them.

  1. Cannabis enhances fracture healing  

A study made by the Bone Research Laboratory shows that Cannabidiol (CBD) helps in the healing of bone fractures. 

This natural, yet a chemical compound of cannabis achieves the role when it gets mediated in the cannabinoid receptors of the bone enzymes. 

The enzymes help in catalyzing collagen, thus implicating the fast healing of fractures.

Theoretically, CBD helps in hastening the healing process, but importantly subduing the pain that comes with bone fractures. 

It is, nonetheless, worth mentioning that the study got conducted on rats. However, just like any other mammal, rats have the Endocannabinoid system, thus making it possible to replicate the same results on humans. 

  1. Smoking cannabis helps in lung function

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, the low and occasional consumption of marijuana use doesn’t harbor any adverse effects on the pulmonary function. 

Unlike tobacco smoking, which causes lung damage and other pulmonary improper functions. The researchers, therefore, suggest in their findings that the occasional use of cannabis is the way to go.

Those who consume low amounts of marijuana perform better than non-marijuana users and tobacco smokers in lung tests. 

They warn that there is a hastened decline in pulmonary functions when marijuana gets consumed heavily, though.  

  1. Blood sugar control

Both Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and CBD show positive results in improving blood glucose metabolism and diabetic conditions in animal models. 

A study shows that those two chemical compounds help in increasing the production of insulin and decreasing the levels of blood sugar. 

Another study shows that the usage of cannabis products helps in lowering the resistance of insulin in people living with diabetes.

The Diabetes Council also backs up that marijuana is a possible treatment for diabetes. They, however, advocate for limited consumption of cannabis and its derivatives in the quest to control blood sugar. 

  1. Inhibiting Glioma growth

Research conducted to determine the combination of both CBD and THC in enhancing the anti-cancer effects of radiation in Glioma shows that these cannabinoids work well.

The usage of these two cannabinoids with irradiation showed a fast reduction of brain cancer tumor cells, thus making them beneficial vital for priming glioma cells.

In the long run, the patient responds well when under ionizing radiation. 

  1. Weight loss

Struggling with obesity is disheartening, especially when surrounded by a body-shaming lot. Thankfully, cannabis exhibits the potential to help those suffering from obesity.

A study conducted on an obese rat showed that cannabis could help one in losing weight. The researchers discovered that the usage of marijuana leads to the up-regulation of CB1 receptors of the endocannabinoid system, thus making the specimen develop a leaner weight.

Translating the same results to humans, it is evident that humans can get the same benefits when they follow the right procedure. 

Another publication shows that despite the widespread belief that cannabis helps in stimulating appetite, cannabis users have a lesser probability of being obese as compared to the none-users.  

  1. Suppressing the herpes virus

THC has the potential to reduce one’s infectivity to the herpes virus to 80% according to a 1991 study. The viability is entirely dependent on the presence of sebum or its absence. 

In general, THC lowers the levels of infectivity of herpes after modulation by the availability of serum proteins.

If one is already affected by herpes, the usage of THC helps in preventing the infections triggered by the condition. 

  1. Enhanced libido

According to PubMed, the usage of cannabis helps in increasing libido and potency when used in controlled amounts. 

They caution that the chronic usage of cannabis leads to sexual inversion. 

A survey done on 1400 respondents shows that they used cannabis in the quest to up their libido. The users report having gotten remarkable results. 

A different study shows that the way CBD helps in enhancing blood flow along with the bloodstream and relaxing blood veins can improve libido and control Erectile Dysfunction with Best portable vaporizer Proper blood flow in and out of the male reproductive system helps in putting Erectile Dysfunction at stake.  



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