7 Great Upgrades To Add To Your Vehicle

Your car is like a second home. You likely spend a lot of time in it, commuting to work, running errands, taking weekend trips or maybe even just taking relaxing drives around town. Because of this you want to update your car to maximum comfort and convenience. Here are seven upgrades you should make to your vehicle to get the most out of your ride. 

1. Radio

Whether you’re getting your news fix from CNN radio or jamming out to some fun music, an updated radio system can really improve the experience. There is an endless variety of systems to choose from depending on your needs. Many include Bluetooth options, large screens and other premium features. Some even offer built-in satellite radio or navigation services to expand your choices and ensure you can get where you need to be. If you’re spending a lot of time in your car, you can’t go wrong investing in a new radio system.

2. Speakers and Amps

Especially if you have an older vehicle, you should consider an upgrade to your speakers and amps. It’s likely your older equipment has begun to wear out and is not providing you the best sound quality. Consider installing a new set to take your sound up to the next level.

3. Backup Camera

A backup camera makes entering and exiting parking spots much easier and safer. Even at home, you won’t have to worry about your child’s bike or the neighbor’s dog in your path as you back up because your backup camera will display them. There are a variety of options available, from dedicated cameras that work through your existing display to those that operate through your phone, and even some that show the display in your rearview mirror. 

4. Remote Starter

Whether you live in a hot or a cold climate, you’ll enjoy the convenience of a remote starter. Get the air conditioning running for a few minutes on a sweltering day before you even have to get in the car. Melt off ice and snow and take the edge off the cold air in the winter. You’ll love being able to get the car running from a distance.

5. Dash Camera

Increase your peace of mind with a dash cam. Not only will you have solid evidence for your insurance company in case of an accident, but you’ll increase the safety and security of your car. It provides extra protection against car thieves and also allows you to keep an eye on your young driver. In addition you can record road trips and may even capture some unbelievable footage along the way.

6. Stabilizer Bar

If you enjoy an adventurous route, or have an older car that needs a smoother ride, a stabilizer bar may make the perfect addition to your vehicle. This rigid bar attaches to your car’s frame and gives you increased control, reduces vibration and increases stability. It will make your ride much more comfortable, and reduce the likelihood of a rollover accident. The best part is, it’s a fairly inexpensive and easy to install upgrade so you won’t have to break the bank to get your car feeling stable and more road ready.

7. Performance Exhaust

Giving your exhaust an overhaul can give your vehicle a major performance upgrade. You can increase your horsepower and give your vehicle the sound you want. If you like a powerful growl, you can opt for a ve commodore exhaust that will show off what your car can do. If you prefer a silent ride, there are many options to give you more power with no additional sound. Depending on your budget and your needs, there are endless options for purchasing a new exhaust system online from xforce.co.uk

Whether you use your car for work or play, you deserve to cruise in ultimate comfort and safety. Update your ride to the ultimate experience for you and your passengers when you make some of these top-notch upgrades to it.