7 Garage Doors Repairs that Professionals Should Fix

A garage door is a heavy piece of machinery that requires maintenance to remain functional. With these simple fixes and regular checks, you’ll be taking care of your garage door for years to come. Garage doors sometimes seem like a nuisance, but they’re an important part of your home’s security and safety. If you don’t take care of them, they will start presenting some serious problems and can even lead to hazards or accidents in the long run. Here are some of the most common garage doors repairs professionals should do.

1. Spring Replacement

Spring replacements and the replacement of broken springs are usually pretty simple. The main problem comes when you have springs that are worn out and will not provide enough tension for the door to close properly. The best method for spring replacement is by putting in a new one-on-one section of your garage door at a time and testing each section before proceeding to the next one.

2. Door Panel Replacement

The garage door panels can get dented, cracked, or even slightly torn. Professionals can replace the panels to make the appearance of your garage door look new again. Another problem is that sometimes the panels are hit by a large object that causes damage. You can install a replacement panel to get the garage door back to normal.

3. Garage Door Tune-up

This is one of the most critical parts of your garage door that needs to be checked now and then. The motors should be thoroughly cleaned, oiled regularly (at least once a month), and maintained to ensure smooth operation. This can also result in repairs when the cables are damaged or not tensioned properly.

4. Bent Garage Door Panels

If the shape of your garage door panels is not quite straight after an accident or even if they are just bent, you will need a replacement panel. This isn’t a complex replacement, and you can get the job done right in a few hours, depending on how long it takes you to find an appropriate match.

5. Opener Replacement

If your garage door opener is not working properly or needs to be replaced altogether, you can get an electronic opener that won’t require frequent maintenance and will ensure that the door stays open where it should. The new ones are designed to last a long time, and you can use them for many years to come.

6. Track Repair

Even if your garage door is working fine, it is still essential to check the tracks to prevent accidents and broken springs in the future. The tracks are extremely important as they keep the door in place without any support, and when they don’t work properly, you could even have problems with the springs.

7. Malfunctioning Remote

You can also have your remote replaced to ensure that you have one that works properly. Your remote is one of the essential parts of your garage door system, and it needs to be checked regularly. Without it, you won’t be able to control the door or even see if it’s open or closed, so replacement is the best option for a fully functioning garage door.

If you want to keep your garage door in perfect condition, you should check it regularly or hire professionals to do the repairs that you can’t do at home. You should also regularly check the tension of the cables and springs, replace worn-out springs, test the opener and replace any parts that are not working well.