7 Funny Text Messages App For Android and iOS (2022)

A person’s body needs fun to function correctly. The world is dusty and rusted without joy. With the incoming of social media and digital technology, everything is getting digital.

Can you imagine the word Metaverse? Everything will be possible even if we think about that. So, considering the age of the digital era, we’re going to disclose a fantastic way of having fun for you.

Then what is that? The chit-chat and funny message app let you read the jokes for yourself and send them to your lovely ones. In this way, you can refresh yourself and increase the production of happy hormones in your body. 

I want to help you find the best funny text messages app for Android. 

It’s a quality app that will give you real-time results and assist you in your chit-chat.

  1. Best Messages Status Jokes SMS

It is the best quality of this application that it is free of cost on the android play store. It contains the best messages status and funny jokes which you can read for yourself, and by using the option of copy, you can share on famous social media platforms like Facebook and Whatsapp. 

When you open the app, it contains minimum ads standard in every free source. The first three portions of this app contain “my messages,” “my favorite messages,” and afterward, there is a complete portion of jokes and funny text messages.

 All the jokes are present in the English language, categorized in different situations. Whenever you go into a bar, and you don’t know what, you can say funny things there. Just open the app, and after remembering, you can put forward a joke from this app. 

Famous funny text messages include Boy Girl, Husband Wife, Marriage, Mixed, Naughty, and teacher-student. But, this app is unique: English jokes and funny text messages related to grammar will give you productivity side-by-side with the entertainment.

  1. Funny Jokes, Sayings, and Status

This app is free on Android and falls in books and references. In addition, this app provides funny text messages, jokes, and sayings related to different types of life. It has four sharing, copying, moving back, and moving next.

Every category is classified differently, such as Dad jokes, Doctor, funny, knock-knock, money, lawyer, one-line, mamma jokes.

 It has the fantastic feature that questions are present in different form answer is given in such a fantastic way it will make you laugh absolutely. “A great joke was written there. Money does not bring happiness.

In answer, a person says brings to me, I like to be sad.”

  1. Joke Book

The criteria for this app fall in the entertainment category freely available on Android and contain only 5MBs. Therefore, this app is suitable for those users who have mobile storage issues, and ads are minimal on this app. 

When you open the app, it contains Funny Pins, tops, movies, and food content that is premium and high-quality. You’ve course, you’ve got to spend some dollars to access this type of premium content.

The fantastic feature of this app is it also contains funny text messages in every niche like couples, surprises, doctors, bars, riddles, pickup, observation, park, and more.

All jokes are categorized so that it is straightforward for the users to reach their respective marks. In addition, you can enable the feature of daily jokes to keep you smiling.

  1. Moustache Anonymous Text Messages

Anonymity is a significant attribute of this app. Mustache Anonymous Texting SMS is a popular application used by people for fun. Send and receive text messages anonymously using this anonymous messaging app, and your actual phone number is entirely masked.

 Messages can be easily shared with your friends and other strangers in a fun way. The application does not track you, displays your phone bill, and allows you to send and receive favourite texts with total efficiency.

  • Chomp SMS

This app has a good rating, with positive reviews used to bring custom messages to your mobile list. This app gives you many features, including incoming and outgoing messages; you can block the people who irritate you.

The main benefit of this app is that it gets updated every month. So if someone feels a problem, this gets fixed for the next month. Here, I’d like to discuss the best things they brought from February to now.

Developers of this app fix bugs, brings a lot of themes,you can restore the previous themes, provides Google backup services. You can backup your deleted messages by using this app. Compliance with the Google API requirements. Upgrade their system according to the Google updates.

  • Funny Text Creator

Free app present on Android. The best feature is that it transforms your written text messages into other funny languages of text. In addition, it provides an incredibly funny, unique, and different approach to its users by providing a variety of styles, formats, languages, and outfits.

A few of its features include Fancy Text, Reverse Order, Speaking of Animals, Word puzzle, Zigzag, Hacker, Snake-Style, Non-Vowels and Spaces, Caesar Cipher, Rotate upper and lowercase wording, and Hexadecimal.

In addition to this, this intuitive application offers Morse Code, many programming languages supporting paragraphs, Roman numerals, encircled symbols, swirls, bubbles, and the ability to flip text.

  •  Funny SMS Ringtones and Sounds

This app contains funny messages and ringtones. The way to use it is straightforward. Download from the Play store will take 3-5 seconds to load. After that, you can you in through the easy way.

But this app gives so many ads that the users do not like, and the text messages are not in bulk. But the other features of the wallpaper and the funny sound are excellent.

Last, But Not Least

Here, we bring some funny text messages apps for you that will help you get a lot of happiness to your face. Of course, everything has pros and cons; some apps are so smoothly used, and others have ads. 

In this way, you can select an app according to your choice after reading the description of every app. Are we missing any app that is so much fun in the scenario of creating funny text or any other way? Let’s know. If you still have any questions drop a comment Read More