7 Flowers To Mark Wedding Anniversaries

Wedding anniversaries mark the coming together of a married couple once again. It is a reminder of the past, the present, and the bright future ahead. Many couples look forward to celebrating their wedding anniversaries, recollecting and gathering their commitments once again. So what in this world meet the requirements and the emotions of such an occasion. Well, gifts are one, but flowers complete everything.

However, yet again, how do you choose from so many flowers and colors? Well, it’s not difficult at all. Learn the trick, and you’ll do just fine.

So, here is a list of the top seven flowers we’ve picked for your wedding anniversary.


You may have seen these flowers on your wedding day as well. Carnations define love better than any flower. They are filled with passion, love, and youth and hence make them perfect for wedding anniversaries. Carnations have also been a wedding flower since marriage conventions started.

They just fit in well and continue to do so in the years that follow as well. Send a beautiful bouquet of flowers to your loved ones by using our Clovis CA flower delivery services.


Sunflowers may not be a flower for all, but it lists their strong and bold characteristics. The color and petals of the sunflower may seem to shout at you, but in reality, they signify strength, longevity, and loyalty to one’s partner. Its name derived from the sun also points out to a warm and bright future.


The third flower on the list is geraniums. A bouquet of delicate geraniums makes a perfect bundle of joy for wedding anniversaries. They represent the coming of two souls in a convention like marriage. A mix of white and red geraniums hints at a spiritual relationship filled with passion and love for each other. Get a beautiful bouquet of geraniums for your lovely wife from one of our Clovis Ca flower shops.


Traditionally, daisies are perfect for the fifth year of wedding anniversaries. But you can change it up a bit. The simplicity of the flowers is perfect for anniversaries. It leaves room for the couple to breathe, grow and recollect. Daisies also look good in a bunch.


The rose would never miss out on a list like wedding anniversaries. Roses have always been associated with love and romantic relationships. Hence, it’s no surprise that they’d be perfect for anniversaries as well. They accentuate passion and love in a way no other flower can.

Its historical significance in literature and love stories has already increased its role in love, weddings, and anniversaries. Make a beautiful bouquet of selected flowers for the love of your life from one of our Clovis CA florists and make their day.


Devotion is one of the flowers’ most potent symbols. The lily is another delicate and sophisticated flower with an elegance that can’t be missed. Its nature is at par with marriage and love. Therefore, making it a great flower to highlight every part of a couple’s love story.

Daffodils The meaning behind the flower lies in the ability to recollect and rebuild. Marriage is a covenant between two people, and the journey is like the seasons of the year. The daffodil is the perfect flower that allows both partners to rejoice about the past and work on the future. Daffodils shed optimism and are perfect for wedding anniversaries. Explore all of SnapBloom’s range of products directly from our website. www.snapblooms.com