7 Financial Modeling Courses And Certifications: Accelerate Your Finance Career

Financial models are important for business decision making. It includes finance forecasting, building business valuation, creating cash flow statements, and build comprehensive financial models. Understanding financial modeling equips you with advanced Excel skills to analyze finances of a business and make decisive projections, enabling stakeholders to make profitable and progressive decisions.

Finance professionals who possess extensive knowledge of financial modeling are well-geared for good career opportunities in investment banking and corporate finance. Following financial modeling courses and certifications offer comprehensive exposure and hands-on skills to implement on the job.

edX’s free financial modeling and analysis courses

edX has a list of courses on financial modeling and analysis from top educational institutions around the world. The courses are divided on level of experience — from beginner to advanced level. Once you complete a course you will be ready to take more advanced courses. Courses equip you with the knowledge of financial tools and concepts and deliver great work.

Coursera’s business and financial modeling certification

This is a beginner level course on financial modeling. The course doesn’t require any pre-requisite knowledge. At the end of the course, you will have a good understanding of modeling, spreadsheet models, forecasting, company valuation, and much more. 

Udemy’s financial modeling for start-ups and small business

This course is geared toward entrepreneurs. The course is comprised of extensive lectures, downloadables, and articles, to prepare you as an expert start-up finance expert. After taking this course, you will be able to build a financial model for start-up business and make wiser business decisions. No background in finance or Excel is required to take this course.

IBCA’s Chartered Investment Banking Professional

IBCA offers a comprehensive investment banking certification. As part of the certification program, you will be learning valuation, financial modeling, and various other skills which are precisely needed for a career in investment banking. You will gain advance Excel skills to perform your job with proficiency. More importantly, you will have an upper hand while looking for opportunities as the certification equips you with investment banking skills. 

Udemy’s Build Financial model and value companies the easy way

This course is for anyone who is looking to start a career in finance without any prior experience The course teaches you to build financial models and value companies an easy way. The course covers finding data for building models, forecast 10 years of financials, and value companies.

Coursera’s valuation and financial analysis for start-ups

This course is offered by Yonsei University and teaches individuals to calculate value of founder’s ownership in a start-ups pre and post funding.  You will learn the two frequently used methods used for start-up valuation. Additionally, you will learn to read financial statements, make pro- forma statements, determine financial health of a company and start-up, and estimate future earnings and value. Further, you will learn concepts such as the time value of money, discounted cash flow methods, multiple methods, capital budgeting, decision rules, and current trends.

CFI’s Financial Modeling and Valuation Analyst ( FMVA)

CFI is an investment banking certification body. While taking FMVA certification, you will be equipped with financial modeling and valuation skills. This certification is meant for fresh graduates who are looking to start their career as a financial Analyst.