7 Factors to Consider when Developing your own Website

With new coding systems being implemented on a yearly basis, webmasters must stay current on the most recent and latest trends. Therefore, if you’re looking to build an expert website that is relevant to current web development trends.

Consider the following simple but critical tips:

Remove Flash Flash has long been the preferred device for online media playback, but it is increasingly succumbing to the dinosaurs. Both Google and Mozilla have discontinued support for the Flash plugin in their respective browsers, and Adobe, the major engineer and developer, is currently discouraging webmasters from using it.


HTML5 is the latest version of the HyperText Markup Language (HTML), which is used to create new websites. As noted in a DailyMail post, HTML5 is a superior solution for media playback than Flash; it is faster, more stable, and does not require plugins. Additionally, webmasters can play media by using HTML5-compliant video and sound labels.

Encryption with SSL

If your website is directly associated with financial transactions (e.g., customers enter their credit/debit card information to buy an item), you’ll need to install an SSL certificate. Another term for “Secure Sockets Layer,” this technology encrypts data transmitted between a web or network server and a guest’s web application, preventing prying eyes from blocking and decoding the data. Apart from the technical jargon, SSL

Compatibility with mobile devices

Without discussing cell phone connectivity, we cannot address web creation patterns and trends. It is estimated that a majority of Internet users now access the Internet through a smartphone rather than a desktop computer. As a result, webmasters who fail to provide a mobile-friendly, agreeable atmosphere for their guests risk losing a sizable portion of their traffic. Additionally, Google has been delaying mobile-friendly algorithm updates, which means that websites that work well on mobile devices will receive a small boost in search ranking.

It’s all about protection.

Nowadays, mobile devices are becoming increasingly common, which has its own set of drawbacks. Mobile is becoming a focal point for security breaches, and much effort will be expended to ensure that they are as stable as possible.

The Internet of Things (IoT) would have a massive impact.

The Internet of Things has accelerated application development. According to Technavio, the Internet of Things will grow at a 31.72 percent compound annual growth rate between 2015 and 2019. Additionally, Gartner estimates that at least half of IoT development would come from startups that have been operational for less than three years. By linking brilliant articles to the internet, IoT enables previously unimaginable knowledge trading. If more devices become connected and accessible to the network, we’ll see web developers developing updated solutions to assist clients in controlling and communicating with their standard devices and hardware.

Web Design in a Flat Style

From Google’s Material design to Microsoft’s Metro-style, everybody is using a flat design or outline, and with good reason: it takes a mild approach by eliminating superfluous design and components. Due to the fact that it scales for smaller displays, following a similar strategy with your web design reduces the risk of similarity errors.

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