7 Expert Mailchimp Tips for an Effective Email Campaign

Email is the preferred method of contact for 61% of costumers to stay informed about a company. While this is the best way to communicate, email marketing also has its challenges. 

If you want your audience to open and read your emails, then you must use engaging strategies to compete with other businesses. 

Read on to find the top seven Mailchimp tips to make your emails stand out. 

1. Import Contact Lists

These Mailchimp tips and tricks won’t be effective if you don’t send content to the right people. 

Make sure your contact list is up-to-date and doesn’t contain duplicate emails.  Mailchimp charges fees depending on the number of contacts in your account. Don’t waste money on bounce-back emails or ones that no one will read. 

You can even use iCloud Mailchimp integration to automatically update your lists when they change on any of your devices. 

2. Know What Your Readers Want

A great Mailchimp email design is catered to your recipient’s desires. If you are a retail business then your consumer wants to save money and learn about new products. Highlight these qualities in your subject and body of your email. 

Use a blog article to entice readers to your website by coming up with topics like the latest fashion trends.

3. Use Mailchimp Design Templates

Importing theme templates requires coding and CSS customization. This can take time and someone with experience to make it look professional. 

Instead, use the Mailchimp design guide from one of their templates. Then, use the simple drag and drop editor to customize it for your purpose. 

4. Test Your Email Design

The majority of subscribers open emails on their smartphones. If your email isn’t optimized for mobile devices, then you appear unprofessional and your content can’t be read clearly.

Looking for some Mailchimp tips and tricks concerning email marketing and design?

One of the best solutions Mailchimp offers is their testing options. You can preview your design or push it to your mobile device using the test email function. 

5. Keep Design Consistent

You should always save your Mailchimp design to use it again as a template. This is because the look of the email becomes part of your brand. You can change the content but the look should be recognizable even without your logo. 

6. Optimize Your Sending Time

There is a prime time where emails are viewed more often. This is your optimization window. 

Mailchimp calculates this time slot using user data based on click history. It then chooses the appropriate time to send the email to get the highest percentage of clicks. 

7. Check Your Email Statistics

It’s important to know if these email design tips are working. A report is generated after each email is sent to give you valuable data.

You can find out how many people opened and clicked on your email. Also, you can see if someone unsubscribed after opening the email.

If you aren’t getting good results, try changing the design or subject line. 

Using Mailchimp Tips Enhances Your Brand

These Mailchimp tips allow you to create a strong brand for your company. You now have the chance to design a recognizable look and offer unique content to your consumer or reader. 

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