7 Exciting Flavours of E-Juice

Vaporizers are sweeping the entire globe and for quite a few awesome reasons. First and foremost, the amount of different flavours you can pick up just blows classic cigarettes entirely out of the water. Forget the full flavour or menthol dichotomy; with vaping, you can get literally thousands of different flavours, which creates an infinite number of flavour combinations that you can enjoy. No, we’re not the least bit hyperbolic. You can try a new flavour every day of your life and never live long enough to test out every possible combination, even if you were a Highlander! That’s how many combos there are. But don’t lose your head; it’s not a contest here. Just pick some flavours you like and enjoy the experience.


 So, when it comes to e-juice, just how many flavours are we talking? The number of potential combinations is far too high to count. However, if you’re a fan of vaping and want to try out some flavours you may not have had before, we’ll go over seven of the most exciting flavours on the market today.


7 Must-Try Vape Flavours


1: Jungle Secrets

 This is a very cool name. “Jungle Secrets.” How awesome is that? This is a fusion of different exotic flavours, using mango and lychee to create this very sweet yet almost umami-like flavour that just sits with you long after the vape is gone. Mango is deep and rich, while lychee is bright and sharp, which makes an ideal combination.


2: Hawaiian Pog Ice

 Anything with “Hawaiian” in the name, you know you’re in for an islander treat. The first thing you’ll notice about this flavour is its very “icy” feel, which comes from the mint-infused into the e-juice. Though that’s blended very well with orange, passion fruit, and guava. So it’s like a tropical fruit salad doused in citrus and spearheaded by spearmint. Wow!


3: Hazel

 This delicious flavour from “The Milkman” brand is an underrated treasure to be found. How would you like hints of classic Nutella and vanilla in your vape? This is what you get with Hazel, an infusion of hazelnut spread that’s swirled around with strong, rich vanilla cream. There’s not much else to say about this; it sells itself.


4: Blueberry Delight

 Blueberries aren’t just for pancakes and muffins; they also make a great flavour for your vape pens. With this flavour, it’s like you’re getting a strudel pastry that’s heavily infused with a sweet blueberry flavour. The best thing is that it tastes sweet and natural, not like an artificial extract.


5: Strawberry Fields

 Throw on that trippy Beatles’ song and enjoy the Strawberry Fields forever with this awesome flavour. This isn’t a fusion blend where people got overly creative in a lab and shoved a fruit salad into a juice bottle. This is all about the strawberries, fresh and ripe and picked from the fields. You get a powerful blast of fresh and robust strawberries with this vape juice.


6: Lava Flow

 Forget the floor being lava; with this vape juice, now you’re enjoying its flavour. This juice is all about delivering tropical goods. It’s very forward with its coconut and pineapple flavours, though also blended with fresh strawberries to really round out that tropical feel. With this taste of the tropics, you may wake up with sand suspiciously in your shoes. How did it get there? Who cares?


7: Lemon Tart

 Last but certainly not least, we have Lemon Tart. You didn’t think we’d get through an exciting list of juice flavours without landing on the tart, crisp, and refreshing lemon power, did you? Well, there’s not too much to say here that couldn’t be said from a bite of a homemade, extra-strong lemon tart, just like grandma used to make… if she happened not to measure the lemon and put too much in. It’s very lemon forward, which is a good thing.


 As we mentioned, vape juice has an infinite variety of potential combinations and thousands of flavours already on the market. These seven above are just some of the more exciting options available.