7 Essential Items To Bring When Going on a Road Trip


After the longest time of being locked up in your home because of the pandemic, what are you planning after? You badly want to hit the road, do you? Thinking about it makes you crave for road trips even more.

If you are planning for a road trip after the quarantine is over, there are a few essential items you need to prepare. Whether you are crossing States or taking a staycation around your state, what matters is the comfort you have while on the road. 

  1. Car Documents

Road trip essential items are not only for you. You have to remember that you need to carry around the important car documents. Always bring your driving license with you and bring the car documents, such as the car registration, manual, and emergency numbers for roadside assistance.

Are you planning to cross any special borders? Ensure to do prior research and gather the requirements before you leave.

Moreover, before you go on the road, do not forget to do an overall audit of the car. You need to check some essentials within the car. Are the oil and water levels normal? What about the tire pressure? Does the brake action work well? Is there a functioning spare wheel available? Do this beforehand for your safety.

What if I am renting a car?

If that’s the case, you still need to do an overall car audit. Take clear photos of previous damages to avoid being stung when you return the rental car.

Do not forget to gas up your car whenever you enter a remote area.

  1. First Aid Kit

No road trip travellers want to break down, they want fun and incident-free adventures with their family or friends. Even though you are extra careful in driving, there’s no guarantee that there will be no incidents along the way. A first aid kit may be boring to bring on a road trip, but they are essential.  

  1. Snacks

Road trips are best with snacks on the side. If you are prone to being hungry while on the road, it is best to keep a stock of snacks in the car, rather than stopping by at every convenience store you pass by.

Snacks to pack for the road trip do not always have to be unhealthy. There are snacks that are mostly nutritious and perfect for a road trip! You can have cereals, granola bars, fresh fruits, and breads.

For water consumption, instead of buying several bottles of water, it is cheaper to bring large gallons of water, or to refill reusable water bottles. 

  1. Phone

Although laws are strictly imposed about phone use while driving, it is essential to bring your phone on a road trip. However, this does not mean you can use your phone while driving. You only have to use your phone for maps and playing tunes, which are the two essential functions of a phone.

Lately, hands-free phone holders are becoming popular for their importance. You position your phone at a favorable place where you could easily see the map. Make it easy for you to check the directions during your road trip.

As you are bringing your phone, do not forget to bring your charger or power bank on the road trip. Always charge your phone before you leave the house or accommodation. You have to expect that your phone will most likely be drained by your use of maps and music. 

  1. Favorite Camera

Of course, it is essential to bring with you your favorite go-to travel camera. Capture quirky shots along the road. Although you can use the camera of your smartphone, having a travel camera is the best, especially if your road trip will be packed with a lot of adventure and beautiful sceneries.

  1. Toiletry and Laundry Essentials

You have probably packed clothes that will match the weather and activities to do at your destination. As you have packed clothes that will make you feel good during the trip, you need to take care of them.

If you are planning to go on a road trip for a week or so, you probably need to wash them. Would it be easy for you to wash it on the road, or stop by at a laundromat and ask assistance from an expert in laundry services.

You might have brought clothes that are “dry-clean only” label or during your travel you have stained your favorite shirt, and pretreatment is not working. The only option left is to go to a commercial laundry shop that offers dry cleaning services.

However, if you do not want to stop by at a laundry shop, you can hand wash your clothes. Along with your toiletries, bring laundry essentials. For toiletries, bring your toothbrush, body soap, and shampoo. Meanwhile, bring pocket-sized laundry detergents and basin to wash your clothes.

  1. Washing Line and Pegs

Washing your clothes during road trip travels can be inevitable. You need to bring a travel washing line and pegs to make it easy to air dry your clothes. The washing line and pegs are easy to pack. 

No more draping wet clothes and mess everywhere. If you stopped by to camp, you can set up the travel washing line easily. Most washing lines have a twisted design, which is clever, it prevents your wet clothes from slipping. It holds them in place and stops them from falling to the floor.

Now, wherever you are, as long as there is an available space, you can do laundry and dry your wet clothes. Air dry your clothes and once they have dried out, fold your clothes. After then, you can fit and store them inside your bag. 

These essential items to bring when going on a road trip is the key to a memorable and successful getaway. You will need them all and keep a perfect road trip plan. Be prepared so you can handle any situation that might happen during the road trip. Have fun!

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