7 Effective Study Habits of Nurses

Many nursing students study hard to acquire good grades in their classes, but learning shouldn’t be hard. Yes, your studies, courses, assignments, all can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t mean you have to learn them in a hard way. Especially when you’re going to practice the skills you have learned from your textbooks. Creating an effective study habit and sticking to it will surely help you excel in your classes. Here are some effective study habits that you can welcome in your life:



Be organized


This might seem a simple thing. But it is the basic and powerful habit everyone should start developing. Why? Because a well-organized study habit will help you to get a start in your career. Take time to organize your class and syllabus, mark exams, and other important dates on your calendar. Based on your class and other surprise tasks such as assignments, exams, and other project works, you might have to update your calendar. Set a weekly goal to complete your tasks within a week. Creating daily and weekly goals will help you to stay on track. 


Need the motivation to complete your weekly goals? Reward yourself once you complete your weekly goal. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive or fancy. It might be something such as having lunch in your favorite restaurant, planning a short trip to that place where you always wanted to go, or just having ‘me time.’



Manage your time


It’s the second most important thing here. If you don’t know how to manage your time, it’s going to be an issue. Because we all have been there struggling to manage our time to meet the end dates of our assignments. To avoid this, set aside specific hours a day for studying, doing homework, and assignments. It’s better to avoid multitasking as it’s easier to focus and use that time wisely. When you are studying, actually concentrate on studying. Study every day, because you can’t study a month’s lesson in just one day. Studying each day will help you to remember your lessons when you revise. This helps you form good habits and retain information. Even though it’s a good habit to schedule your study time, remember to take short breaks to get refreshed. 



Know your learning style


Knowing your personal learning style will help you to better understand and remember what you are learning. Ask yourself how do you best retain information? Are you a visual learner? Or an auditory learner? Do you take notes while reading? Or highlight important parts in your books? Because each of these styles determines your personal learning style. It’s important to understand your learning style to be successful in nursing school. If you can’t figure out what your learning style is, think about the time when you got a really good grade on an exam, and try to remember how you studied for it.



Form your study group


Get inside a study group. Study groups can be beneficial in so many ways. Because learning is a different experience for each person and they have different perspectives on the subject and therefore you can understand a subject from more than one point of view. A study group can help solidify and clarify course materials, by understanding the course and feeling motivated, group members may feel more willing to do better in class, on exams, and on assignments. And further, it will help you to adapt to the work and study styles of others, you can sharpen your problem-solving skills. Because when there are multiple conflicting ideas and theories in a group, you all have to decipher which idea is the best in a certain situation.


Some of you are taking an online class such as an LPN-RN program, RN-BSN, or any other advanced nursing programs. You can create an online study room on any relevant platform and it will be easier to update and share your notes with others. You can also consider creating a common doc among your friends, so you can always update it with everyone’s doubts, answers, and point of view.



Start taking notes


It’s impossible to remember everything you hear in your class. Take lecture notes in your class, as it will help you to remember what the class was about, what are the main points you have learned, and it’s the perfect method to note your doubts and you can later clear them. The terms you are studying are loaded with concepts that need to be understood and applied in real-life scenarios, which will determine a person’s life. So, always take detailed notes in your class. Sometimes you will realize that your professors will emphasize topics that will be covered on the test, so listen carefully and find real-life examples for each scenario to remember it clearly. And if you’re having a bad day or you are feeling sick and you can’t take notes, record the lecture and then listen to it at another time. 



Create your own playlist


We all tend to listen to music when we read, write, exercise, or walk, you name it. Some might find music can help them learn better and faster, and some don’t. If you think you study better when listening to music, create your own playlist. Listen to music without lyrics, because when you listen to music your focus will be on the lyrics. You can use music as background music rather than using headphones. Podcasts – make the best use of them. Because there will be so many free and paid podcasts related to nursing on the iPod. Subscribe to any of them, you can listen to professionals in your field giving advice on various fields in your industry. This will be a great benefit for your nursing classes.



Get plenty of sleep


Getting plenty of sleep looks like an obvious thing to do, but the amount of sleep you get each night can dramatically change if you seriously get into your studies. A healthy sleep pattern consists of at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep. You might have already known the good benefits of sleep as it will affect your memory, ability to be productive, and your performance on exams. The hard work you put towards your studying will be wasted if you are not resting your brain for a good amount of time. Make sleep as a priority and you will be pleased with the results you see in your tests.