7 Eco-Friendly Bamboo Products to Have at Home

Are you concerned and worried about the amount of plastic your household uses every day? It makes us worry more when we see on the news tons of plastic waste floating on our oceans, affecting the marine life of our planet. So, if you want to help consume less plastic, switching over to bamboo alternatives will be a good start. 

Bamboo product alternatives are on the rage these days. It is not only trendy but also very sustainable. Moreover, it is an excellent alternative to plastic because bamboo is a fast-growing plant material that produces many products you use at home. 

Do you want to contribute to making Earth clean and green again? Switching to plastic alternatives may seem like a small step that will have a more significant environmental impact in the future.  Here’s a list of products you can find a bamboo alternative. 

Bamboo Bed Beddings

Organic bamboo blankets are soft and plush, with a lovely gloss that is unique to the material. Furthermore, the materials in bamboo quilt sets are naturally breathable, so they will keep you cool and comfortable all night. 

With proper care, bamboo sheets are long-lasting. Bamboo sheets also tend to hold dye better, so the colors stay more vivid.  Although bamboo beddings tend to be more expensive than cotton and other materials, they are worth investing in durability. 

Bamboo Kitchenware

Molded bamboo is also an environmentally friendly substitute for plastic kitchen utensils and tableware. There are also various carved bamboo spoons, forks, and even knives to choose from according to your liking. In addition, bamboo plates are light and non-toxic, making them suitable if you have children in your home. 

Washing bamboo plates is convenient as well, and they are dishwasher friendly. Besides, since they are not fragile, you do not have to worry about broken plates anymore. But be careful. Bamboo plates and cups are not microwaveable. 

Reusable Travel Cutlery

When you are traveling, it is not ideal to use clunky metal cutlery. Bamboo travel cutleries are light and easy to pack. And it may look like you save a lot by buying plastic cutlery, but they do not last long, unlike the reusable bamboo cutlery. 

Bamboo Toilet Paper 

Opting for tree-free toilet paper is an absolute necessity. In general, bamboo paper products and toilet paper have proven to be more eco-friendly because of their biodegradability property, which causes less harm to the environment and your loved ones. 

Bamboo toilet paper may not look like the conventional white toilet paper, but it has a positive reason.  It is also reasonably easy to produce unbleached toilet paper using bamboo as raw material. Hence, it breaks down entirely in water, and it will not cause clogging.

Bathroom Towels

One of the great features of these towels is their ability to absorb so much water than the usual cotton bathroom towel. Likewise, bamboo towels are resistant to mildew growth due to their bamboo fibers and moisture-absorbent properties. 

Bamboo towels are softer than the usual cotton towels too.  The bamboo fibers are soft, and your towel will remain soft for the next couple of years and even after several washes. You do not have to put fabric softener. Because fun fact: they get even softer over time!


Yes, a bamboo toothbrush exists, and it is superior to the toothbrush we used. It works similarly to a regular toothbrush, but it’s made of bamboo. The bamboo species used for the biodegradable toothbrush handle is moso bamboo, which is organic and does not require any chemicals for growth or irrigation. And fret not. You are not stealing from any pandas at all.

Bamboo Clothes

Bamboo cotton is hypoallergenic, breathable, highly absorbent, environmentally friendly, and suitable for sensitive skin. Additionally, it is a fabric that should improve your comfort, making it easier to get through your day or sleep at night.

On top of that, this fabric is highly durable. Because bamboo fabrics last longer, you save money over time because you don’t have to replace them as frequently. And it is safe for your health because bamboo is naturally pest-resistant and doesn’t require pesticides to grow.

Computer Accessories 

Plastic is in almost every computer accessory. The keyboard, mouse, monitor, name it. However, given the number of computers we use and discard, it is concerning and alarming. Bamboo is not only great for replacing plastic, but its shiny wood finish looks aesthetically pleasing as well.

You can go green with computer accessories like the bamboo keyboard and mouse. Therefore, purchasing a bamboo keyboard instead of regular plastic ones will help reduce the consumption of plastic. Besides, depending on your use, that keyboard will last for a long time. 


Choosing to go eco-friendly and green is a small step toward the more remarkable change and effect to our planet. And it does not have to be at the expense of your comfort and convenience—sustainable alternatives to plastic materials like bamboo work too.  You can now enjoy using these products knowing you are helping in saving the Earth.