7 Easy Upgrades to Help Practice Social Distancing in the Office

The COVID-19 virus can remain in the air for three hours. That’s a long time especially when we have no choice but to share spaces with others.┬á

Luckily, there are many ways to fend off the virus even when you are in close proximity to it. You can practice social distancing, wear a mask, disinfect as much as possible, and more.

We are going to discuss seven of the most important ways to stay safe while in the office. Read on to stay healthy during the workday and beyond. 

Practice Social Distancing

Instate rules requiring that anyone who enters the office practice social distancing. What does social distancing mean you ask? It means keeping a distance of at least six feet between all people at all times. 

Clear social distancing rules will help prevent COVID-19 from spreading throughout the office.

Wear Masks

One of the most effective ways of preventing the spread of COVID-19 is to wear a mask. This is especially useful when working within the confines of an office where people are constantly on the move and it can be difficult to keep a social distance. Requiring everyone in the office to wear a mask at all times is a sure way to decrease the chances of a COVID-19 outbreak in the workplace.

Install Plexiglass Partitions

If it is difficult to reorganize desks or stay away from customers, install partitions. In addition to wearing masks, plastic dividers will make the environment even safer and allow people to work even when it is impossible to practice social distancing. 

Instate Virtual Options

It is best to keep the number of people in the office to a minimum, so it is a good idea to conduct meetings with clients and outside companies virtually. Make sure to set up a streamlined system so that these meetings run as smoothly as they would in person. 

Create Disinfectant Stations

Place disinfectants throughout the office so employees can use them throughout the day to clean their hands and high touch surfaces. Keep these stations full to maximize on the disinfectant potential. 

Enact Staggered Schedules

It can be difficult to maintain a safe physical distance while at work between the number of people and the size of the office. Reworking the office schedule so that people are working at staggered times can be an effective way of reducing the number of people in one place at one time. 

Limit Number of People

Keep track of who is coming in and out so you can control how crowded the space becomes. Staying conscious of movement also has these benefits.

Rope off sections of common areas to prevent them from filling up with people, and make one-way markers to keep people moving and prevent pile-ups.  

Follow These Tips to Stay Healthy

Mask wearing, keeping surfaces clean, and social distancing in the office are a few of the many ways to curb the spread of the coronavirus and maintain a safe space for employees to concentrate on their jobs. 

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