7 Easy Steps to Find the Best Fertility Clinic In India?

Both of you decide to bring a cute and healthy child into your home after some time of your marriage. And for this, you make a plan for your parenthood and start working on it. As per your plan, both of you make unprotected physical relationships at the right time. Even though, your female partner doesn’t conceive even after making a few efforts for more than 12 months. In such a case, you want to consult an expert at the best fertility clinic in your local town/city. Some of you get overwhelmed/confused after coming across numerous options through your internet searches or references. Here are some basic steps for your assistance:

1. Look for licence and recognition 

Each town or city across the globe houses several centres treating infertility in men and women. Most of them might not be recognised and mightn’t have a licence for offering infertility and allied reproductive treatments. A licensed and recognised fertility centre will serve you better, as it has a fear of losing its licence and registration. Therefore, you should always consider visiting a maternity centre that is registered and holds an appropriate licence.

2. Know the availability of full-time fertility specialists 

You can come across numerous maternity centres, clinics, or hospitals in your locality. But you know some of them have no full-time obstetricians or gynaecologists. They operate their clinic/centre by calling an expert/consultant for a respective treatment as per their patients’ needs. Such an infertility clinic is not ideal for you, as it might cause a delay in your consultation and treatment time. You should choose the one with full-time infertility doctors. 

3. Explore the available treatments and support services

When you decide to see an obstetrician or gynaecologist, most of you are not aware of your real cause preventing you from becoming parents. During or after your meeting with a fertility specialist, you come to know what the exact problem you or your partner have. A few test results help your doctor confirm you about your problem. In this, you may need several other treatments and support services. Usually, an ideal fertility centre offers:

  • IUI
  • IVF
  • ICSI
  • Vitrification 
  • Surrogacy 
  • Endoscopy
  • Fertility Preservation 
  • Premarital Screening 
  • And allied others   

4. Know their reputation and success ratio 

No clinic or hospital becomes popular in a city or country without offering effective treatments and higher success rates. It’s their market reputation and patient-centric approach, which makes them popular. And a highly reputed and famous fertility centre offers the best treatment, as it never wants to lose its earned market reputation. Usually, you should consider visiting an infertility clinic with more than 80% success rate.

5. Value cleanliness and hygiene 

No one of you wants to get infected after visiting a maternity centre or hospital. You will get cured soon and will have better treatment if an infertility clinic is clean and hygienic. It means you should pay attention to cleanliness and hygiene maintained there. 

6. Know treatment cost and other charges

Centres offering infertility and reproductive treatments differ from each other in terms of the fees they charge their patients, apart from other aspects. While visiting a few clinics or interacting with their representatives, you should ask for detailed quotes. You should do a compare and contrast based on available treatments, fees, and allied things. After that, you should make your appointment with a respective doctor at a maternity centre that offers effective treatments at a lower cost and holds a higher success rate.    

7. Go through a few patient reviews 

In the selection of the best fertility clinic, considering each aspect is crucial for you. And in this regard, you should never ignore what a patient says about a hospital or health centre. You shouldn’t limit yourself to online reviews. Apart from online patient reviews, you should meet a few couples around you or in your personal/professional network. Ask them for their real experience at a maternity centre. 


Selecting the best fertility centre becomes an easy job for you if you keep all associated things in mind. The above-mentioned steps will help you a lot to find an ideal centre to treat your fertility issues and allied problems.

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