7 Easy Fall Decorating Ideas

Nothing makes you want to add some cozy touches to your home quite like the fall season. The leaves change colors, the air gets cool again, and you can finally break out your favorite fall sweater. 

If you’re living a busy life like we are, then you know how hard it is to find the time to decorate for the holidays – let alone the fall season! 

A busy work life makes dressing up your home a challenge for anyone. 

Throw kids into that mix, and you’ve got a recipe for a headache! 

Luckily, today we’re going to be sharing seven easy fall decorating ideas to make your fall season a little cozier, without too much hassle. 

1. Pumpkins

Pumpkins might be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the fall season. Jack-o’-lanterns, pumpkin pie, and pumpkin spiced lattes make an appearance at least once per season. 

So why not surprise your guests with pumpkins in unexpected places? 

Get yourself a mix of small pumpkins and gourds, and put them in unexpected places around your house for some extra seasonal charm. 

Bookshelves, banisters, and bathroom countertops all make great places for some fall feeling. 

This year, skip the jack-o’-lantern, and throw your mailman for a spin with a house number porch pumpkin sign!

2. Cozy the Place Up

With the weather starting to cool, you might want to spend more time indoors next to the fireplace. 

Give your entire space a fall-boost with plaid throw pillows on your couches because you can’t have fall without plaid.

Fall-colored blanket throws also make a super-cozy addition to your fall-themed living room. Throw one on your couch, on a recliner chair, or fold it up and hang it from a rocking chair to be ready for use at any time!

Make sure you keep some extra cozy blankets rolled up and ready to go for guests as well.

3. Pine Cone Flowers

Pine cones add a nice earthy touch to any fall bouquet. So why go all out and make a bouquet of pine cones? 

This DIY project combines a fall theme with any color scheme you like:

  • Grab regular hobby paint
  • Gather some pine cones of various sizes
  • Paint them according to your fall theme
  • Arrange them in a large vase, a bowl, or a basket and leave it somewhere that catches the eye

This is a great project to keep your kids busy, too – even if it’s just for an hour or two. This project is straightforward and inexpensive to boot.

4. Fireplace Filled With Wood Blocks

If you have a fireplace, but the cold weather hasn’t really hit yet, you can still utilize this precious space. You’ll also wow your friends and family at the same time!

You can either … 

  • Stack firewood high enough to fill the empty space in your fireplace (fashionable storage).
  • Or cover a wooden board with cross-sections of trees of various sizes. 

Just make sure your wooden board is large enough to cover the empty fireplace.

Both of these projects look great and add a natural finish to your living room.

5. Twinkling Ghost Lighting

Give your front porch or entryway a spooky but welcoming touch with twinkling ghost lighting. 

This is another great DIY project for you and the kids because it’s fun and effortless to make!

All you need are twinkling holiday lights, small plastic cups, tissue paper, yarn, and a marker. 

  • Tie the tissue paper around the small plastic cup using the yarn 
  • Draw some spooky eyes and a mouth
  • Attach your mini ghost to the light by cutting a hole in the top of it just big enough to fit the light

6. Fall Table Centerpiece 

Centerpieces bring life and good energy to your dining room gatherings. Make sure everyone feels the autumnal vibes when they sit down around your table with this creation!

Start with a plaid or fall-colored table runner. If you don’t have one, that’s okay – a bare wooden tabletop says, “I love the fall,” just as much!

Baskets make great centerpieces. You can fill them with different things throughout the year as the seasons’ change. 

To go for a fall basket centerpiece, get yourself some red apples, more gourds, corn on the cob, and some wheat sheaves. 

Top that all off with some dark candles, and you’re already almost ready for thanksgiving dinner!

7. Dress Up Your Porch

Since your porch is the first thing you and your guests see before you all enter the house, make sure you dress it up for fall festivities. 

It might already be pretty normal to hang an evergreen wreath on your door around the winter holidays. But have you ever considered hanging one for the fall?

Twine or wooden twig wreaths make for fantastic fall decorations. You can add some dried corn cobs or wheat sheaves for a more decorative boost. 

Nothing says “welcome,” like a fall-themed welcome mat, so make sure you’ve got a place for your guests’ amusement.

Add a final finishing touch to your fall decorations with some humor. Letterboards are easy to find and a great way to give people a laugh as they pass by or enter. 


Whether you entertain guests regularly or not, having a nice cozy place to come home to during the fall season will keep your spirits high.

We hope that these easy fall decorating ideas will help make you feel more at home this fall!  

Author bio:

Caitlin Sinclair is the Business Manager at Riata Apartments. With over 5 years of property management experience, she begins and ends each day loving what she does. She finds joy in helping current and future residents and makes Riata a place everyone loves to call home.