7 Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Pharma Company

Industry and businesses are the backbone of our economy, but the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry is the backbone of our society. They cater to the health and wellness of people, and therefore, have the most delicate and responsible job at hand. The pharmaceutical marketing industry isn’t just a business domain only driven by profits. It runs on trust, integrity, and value creation for its consumers.

Pharma marketing is a field of great responsibility where the marketers have to endorse their products while observing customer-centricity and maintaining a high level of transparency towards all their stakeholders. A good pharma marketing company would deploy the following Digital marketing strategies for your Pharma company:

  1. Effective SEO usage

The first step to effective digital pharma marketing to know your SEO. Put in research to know which keywords are the highlights of your industry on the internet. Determine the most searched pharma or medical terms on the search engines. Inculcate them tactfully in the text content of your blog or website. This will help in:

  1. Increase your rank in search results and help your website get featured within the top searches for a keyword.
  2. Increase the traffic on your page and get more views on your posts.
  3. Establish your website/ brand as a one-stop solution for pharma related queries.
  1. Set target

Not everyone surfing the internet is out there to buy something. While some are just window shopping and comparing prices, some are genuine users who are actually looking for answers to their medical and pharma queries. Target this consumer group as they exhibit a high potential to get converted into a long-term engagement.

People search about the symptoms they are experiencing, or the medicines they are consuming, and often end up on sites that give them false information or try to induce panic. Build content that solves the user queries by giving them appropriate advice and suggest a call to action, like consulting a doctor.

  1. Deliver value

Do not just market your content or promote your website. Create content that is engaging, relevant, and delivers value to your reader. While most pharma marketing strategies teach how to make quick bucks, very few focus on the importance of building a lifelong customer by solving a problem statement. The majority of consumers end up disappointed or tense in reading the results of their searches.

  1. Implement AI

Use chatbots or messaging apps to get in contact with the users landing up on your website. Ask and understand their needs before providing them a solution. Interactive engagements leave a lasting impact on the customers and increase the chance of them coming back to you for their future needs.

The use of Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality technology to engage with audiences is fast picking up as a pharma marketing tool. It helps users get the actual experience of a particular condition, related to given symptoms, and help them understand whether or not they have this condition.

  1. Social media and Content Marketing

Content marketing plays a pivotal role in the digital marketing of pharma, as the advertising of pharma products and drugs is restricted by law. Establish your social media presence on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. where your customers can easily find you and reach out to you. Have a standardised profile on all these platforms, matching your actual website or blog, so that you are easily recognisable and create a brand identity for yourself.

  1. Influencer marketing

Another of pharma marketing tips is engaging with an Influencer on a social media platform. Bring out stories that your buyer can relate to. If an influencer endorses that they follow your blog and purchase from you, the visibility of your brand will definitely go up.

  1. Engage in Dialogue

Encourage your customers to give you a rating on your blog/ app, or leave a comment on your social media posts and website. This will help you understand what strategy of yours is clicking with the customers, and what is missing the target. It not only helps you improve your website content but also your services and internal processes.


With the growth of digital and widespread use of the internet for various business activities, it is important to hire the right agency to do the job efficiently. While there are many players in the online space to help you create a digital footprint, the right pharma marketing company will help you gain not just followers, but also generate value for those followers.

A business is only as good as it serves its customers. Therefore, step into the world of pharmaceutical marketing with the objective of providing the best and easiest solutions to your customers. A healthy and satisfied customer means a healthy and lasting association, which will automatically translate into sales figures in the long run.

Ellen Hollington

Ellen Hollington is a freelance writer who offers to ghostwrite, copywriting, and blogging services. She works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing digital marketing content that gains social media attention and increases their search engine visibility.