7 Dazzling Perfume Packaging Design Trends

The quality of an item is perceived or gauged by taking a glance at its box. If the packaging is impressive enough to capture the heed of clients, it will make your product famous in the market. But if it is not appealing enough, it will hurt the image of your products as well as the organization. That is why it is beneficial for your company to design custom perfume boxes in a way to enhance your visibility in the competitive industry. There are various trending designs to make your perfume packages look artsy in the market, including minimalism, geometric shapes, and so on. To help you to stand out, we have pinpointed 7 trends that are a must for you to understand.

Small illustrated Patterns:

One of the increasing trends that have been on the rise in the market is using tiny illustrations or patterns that reveal what is inside the custom perfume boxes. They are just more than embellishments and give a strong hint to the consumers about the items packed inside them. These illustrated patterns look simple and are symbolic, which provides the customers with an imaginative view of the product rather than a real one. For instance, rather than providing an actual visual of the perfume bottles through an image, the perfume businesses may design the box in the shape of perfume bottles. This similar box will provide a clearer picture to the target audience that a perfume is inside it.


Different patterns can be made on the surfaces of the custom printed perfume boxes by the use of different color combinations, illustrations, and textures. But the use of texture to create a sophisticated and premium look of the perfume packages is a new trend in the market. The use of textures makes these boxes look rough, but they are not rough. In fact, they are smooth. You would have probably seen the die-cut windows in different packaging. These window-cuts offer the option to add unique and layered patterns that can provide clever and attractive effects. In the same manner, the textures can transform the feel of packaging by making it look artsy and a masterpiece.

Splashing Color Schemes:

The colors let you speak to the target audience since they impart certain feelings and emotions. That is why the trend of using splashing color combinations can never get old. The CMYK color model is quite popular; it consists of four basic colors, i.e., Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key. Upon mixing these colors, millions of colors are obtained, which let you select the proper ones which suit best your parent brand theme and overall ambiance. It is up to you which color scheme you want to employ on your perfume packaging to keep the products inside focused. Some bright colors with dark layouts are trending to attract the consumers in the first-ever look. The bold color combinations are being used by many brands to show the difference between the variants of the perfume.

Keep the Design Simple:

Another fast developing trend is to keep the design of the custom perfume boxes wholesale simple and minimal. No other design has the potential to beat the beauty of simplicity. There is no denying that the bold patterns, typography, stylish fonts, and fused stylization effects are effective in grabbing the attention of the clients. But what is the benefit of grasping the heed of people when you are unable to influence their purchasing behavior? It is a simple and minimal design that influences the buying decisions of the clients by its elegance and attractive look. Going bold with your packaging design was a trend five years ago, but now the simple design is trending. The simple custom perfume packages make it easier for the customers to read all the printed information on them. 

Names in Center and Front:

Rather than keeping the patterns and the logo of a brand the focal point on the┬ácustom perfume boxes USA, some successful brands are now focusing on putting the name of the product the star of their packaging design. The custom-lettering is an ideal choice to make the productÔÇÖs name the center stage of your packaging layout. The benefit of employing custom letters is that the layout of the perfume box feels like an artwork itself. The whole pattern printed on it look distinctive and unique to allure more and more buyers. To print the names in the center and front of the perfume box, you will need strong typography. Some other elements can also be added to ensure a shiny appearance.


To blur the background or layout of the custom printed perfume boxes is a major trend of this year. Firstly, this gradient trend was in digital and print designing, but now it is becoming popular in perfume packaging too. The gradients offer arouse the interest of the people by visual elements as the information printed on them look neat and clean. When buying the perfumes, customers usually look at the printed information to know the effectiveness of a perfume. So, providing a clear view of the details give a strong and positive message to the viewers. The blurred gradients do not look dizzy, but they highlight the most important element of your branding, i.e., printed information.

High-Quality Images:

Adding the high-quality and high-resolution images of the perfumes on the custom perfume boxes wholesale is a trend these days. The imagery that is focused and is not pixelated draws the attention of potential consumers towards your products. The best-quality, uncompressed, and vector image file formats are utilized while printing the custom perfume packages so that they may not look cheap or low-quality. 

To conclude, if you are planning to launch a new perfume item or want to redesign the existing one, the above-mentioned trends can be followed. The custom boxes can be designed with some splashing color schemes, tiny illustrated patterns, blurry backgrounds, and geometric shapes to make the customers wow in the very first look.