7 Daycare Cleaning Tips in the Age of Coronavirus

Cleaning has always been an essential process in daycares. With so many different children and parents coming in and out of the facility, you can never clean enough. With the coronavirus now amongst us, daycare cleaning has never been more essential.


All cleaning procedures must be revised. Your daycare cleaning checklist must be lengthened. The cleaning process overall will need to become stricter to ensure the health of all children, parents, and daycare staff.


Now is the time to make these improvements. To learn how to clean a daycare more thoroughly, continue reading below. Here are a few daycare cleaning tips you need to know.


1. A More Intense Cleaning Schedule

Take a look at your current cleaning schedule. How often do your daycare workers clean their rooms currently? How often do they clean and sanitize toys and other objects?


How can you make the cleaning schedule more intense? Can you place an extra worker in each room to make sure everything’s being cleaned and sanitized throughout the day as needed? Can you provide more cleaning products and towels for workers to use?


How can you implement different cleaning techniques and methods into the cleaning schedule already present? The cleaning schedule you have now will need enhancing to keep everyone healthy.


2. Clean and Sanitize Toys

It’s not uncommon for daycare workers to clean and sanitize toys. This is something already implemented in their daily cleaning routines. However, the toys will need to be cleaned and sanitized more often.


Rather than allowing all children to play with several toys and then cleaning them during nap time or at the end of the day, the toys should be cleaned after each play session. If you spot a child placing a toy in their mouth, then that toy should be placed in a bin set to the side when the child is finished playing.


Have enough toys available so you can remove toys and place them in a bin after each use and introduce clean toys to ensure the children have something to play with.


3. Clean and Sanitize Surfaces Not Usually Cleaned Daily

The most commonly cleaned surfaces in the daycare are the floors, the counters, tables, high chairs, and changing tables. Now it’s time to take a look at some surfaces that you might not think to clean every day.


Aside from all of your regular cleaning, you should also start cleaning doorknobs, sink handles, light switches, cubbies, chairs, desks, and other surfaces daily as well. All playground structures, even if located outside, should be wiped down after each play as well.


4. Don’t Allow Groups to Share Toys

Although it’s common to allow children of different age groups to share certain toys, especially when outside on the playground, it’s crucial to limit sharing right now. We teach our children to share and want them to be kind, but with the virus still effecting us, we must not allow children to share items.


It’s best to try to keep all groups separate from one another, rather than allowing different age groups to play together when outside. If they must be out together, then try to keep them on opposite ends of the playground. Each group should have its own toys and playground equipment.


5. Keep Individual Belongings Separate

All personal and individual belongings should be kept separate, as well. All children’s items should be kept in cubbies apart from one another. Try to spread them out as much as possible.


Blankets and cot sheets shouldn’t touch other blankets or cot sheets. Cots shouldn’t touch one another either. Once a week, all cot sheets should be washed and blankets sent home for washing.


If a child was sick or had a laceration of any kind, then their blankets and cot sheets should be washed immediately. Try to limit the number of personal items, such as toys, brought in by children also. Only have children bring in necessities from home such as a blanket, change of clothes and bottles.


6. Use the Proper Cleaning Products

Not all cleaning products can kill off the coronavirus. You must ensure that the cleaning products you’re using can do so. Once you find the proper cleaning products, you should then purchase a variety of them.


Concentrates, wipes, and sprays are all wonderful cleaning products to have on hand for your daycare staff. Each product can be used in different ways and having a variety of these products will make the cleaning process easier for your workers.


7. Hire a Team of Professionals

The last tip on how to clean a daycare is to hire a team of professionals. When you’re unsure if you’re cleaning the facility properly, daycare cleaning services will give you the peace of mind you need. It’s still crucial to have your workers clean throughout the day, but there’s only so much cleaning your workers can do while teaching and caring for children in their group as well.


A daycare cleaning service will come in either before or after hours to ensure all the deep cleaning is completed. When your workers are unable to complete a particular cleaning task during the day, the cleaning services will come in and get the job done.


This is one of the best ways to ensure your daycare facility is cleaned well, and your workers and children attending the daycare are healthy.


How Will You Ensure Proper Daycare Cleaning?

What daycare cleaning tips listed above will you implement into your own daycare cleaning routine? Healthy children, parents, and workers are your top priority. Use this guide to help you enhance your daily cleaning to give everyone peace of mind.


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