7 Critical Tips for Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor

There are currently over 160,600 roofing companies in the US. Before searching for “roofing contractors in my area” and digging through the bunch, know what you’re looking for. With this helpful guide, you can find a reliable roofing company in the area.

Otherwise, you could end up with a contractor who lacks the experience, expertise, and skill you need.

Find an expert who knows how to handle your roof! Use these seven tips to start your search today!

1. Make Sure They’re Experienced

When searching for a local roofing contractor, it’s important to look for someone with years of experience. A new roofer is probably learning with every job they take on. Someone with years of projects under their belt, on the other hand, has learned in that time.¬†

People learn from their mistakes through experience, too. You don’t want a contractor to learn by making mistakes on¬†your project.

Instead, look for someone who has at least 10 years of experience. A company that has lasted that long learned how to survive competitors in the area. Chances are, they learned the respect of their clients through quality work. 

You might feel inclined to choose the most affordable option when searching for commercial roofing contractors. However, you usually get what you pay for. A more experienced roofer might charge you more, but at least you’ll have peace of mind about their services.¬†

A company that sets their pricing very low, on the other hand, is probably desperate for customers. Newer companies sometimes set their prices lower to gauge the market, too. 

You can learn more about a business by checking their Better Business Bureau (BBB) listing. How long have they operated? Does the business have any complaints filed against them?

If there’s a complaint filed on their listing, keep searching.¬†

2. Look for Licensing and Insurance

A roofing contractor can make a small mistake with huge consequences. Again, it’s important to hire someone with the know-how to avoid these mistakes. Otherwise, look for commercial roofing contractors with proof of licensing and insurance.¬†

A licensed roofing contractor will have the permits and documents they need to get the job done. A contractor shouldn’t hesitate to show you proof of these documents. If they can’t prove they’re licensed and insured, keep looking.¬†

Ask the company if they have insurance for their workers, too. Who is held responsible if an accident occurs while they’re working on your roof? Looking for an insured contractor will protect your interests in case of an accident.

You can learn more about roofing insurance here. 

3. Ask About Their Process

Do they use safety equipment while working on your roof? What precautions do they take to avoid accidents? Learning more about their process can give you peace of mind they’ll work safely.¬†

Make sure to establish a work schedule as well. How long will the project take? When will they arrive and leave each day?

Ask if they will need to tear off your old roof or install new shingles over existing ones. Adding new shingles to an old roof will only conceal the damages. This shortcut can also put too much weight on your roof. 

If you have any questions about the roofer’s process, make sure to ask¬†before they start working.¬†

You can also ask your commercial roofing contractors what happens if you’re not satisfied with their work. What if the project doesn’t meet your expectations?

What if something doesn’t go according to plan?

The company should know how to respond when there’s an issue. Will they fix the error or will you need to call another contractor?

Develop a plan before they finish working on your project. Otherwise, you might get stuck with the unsatisfying results of their work. 

Before signing a contract, ask about the company’s guarantee, too. What’s included in their guarantee? Make sure to get a copy in writing in case you need to dispute any arguments later on.¬†

4. Look Through Photos

If you want to learn more about the roofing contractor’s workmanship, look at their previous projects. Some companies post photo portfolios online to showcase their work. If they don’t have photos online, ask if you can see photos of their recent projects.

Do these projects meet your expectations? Do any of the projects seem similar to your own? You can ask if the contractor has worked on a project similar to yours in scope.

That way, you can develop realistic expectations about their ability to complete your project. 

You can learn more about the contractor’s abilities from their photos.¬†

Otherwise, see if you can speak with one of their previous clients. You can also find reviews on the contractor’s BBB and Google My Business listing. Do their previous clients sound happy?

You might find one or bad reviews. That’s normal. If you see an abundance of negative reviews, however, you might want to look for another contractor.¬†

5. Determine Who Will Do the Work

Before a contractor visits your home to get started, learn about their work history. Are they trained and certified? Are they an employee or subcontractor?

Remember, you want someone with the right experience and expertise. Otherwise, they might make a costly mistake while working on your project. 

6. Get an Estimate

Replacing your roof might cost around $6,800. As you look for commercial roofing contractors in your area, try to get estimates from at least three businesses.

Gathering multiple estimates will help you learn the average cost in the area. Don’t choose the cheapest option, though. If a low price seems too good to be true, it generally is.

7. Make Sure It’s All in Writing

As you speak with different roofers in the area, get everything you learn in writing. That includes their guarantee, warranty, and financing terms. 

Getting the details in writing can help you avoid issues in the future. 

Raise the Roof: 7 Tips for Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor

Once you’ve completed the research process, you can compare the different commercial roofing contractors in the area. Then, you can find the best roofing contractor with your project in mind. Start your search with these seven tips today!

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