7 correct way to manage your finance in 2020

2019 has been a rush financial year, and 2020 will remain the same. It is always a good point to start your year with a fresh financial management system.

It is best to prepare yourself financially from the start than to regret it at the end of the year. Managing finance is one hell of a work to do. You may miss out on some of the basic procedures while creating plans for managing your finance.

This article will review some of the measures that you can use in your financial planning.

  • Putting a lid on the extra expenses

Before starting planning out your financial plan, sit back and think about the extra expenses that you have done last year.

Point out the field that had made you do extra expenses. Write it down and make sure to add them to your financial assessment.

Instead of reaching your office in uber, try to use public transport. Eat home-made food. Buy only the necessities that are required for survival.

Plan out every financial move correctly. This way you will be conscious of all your expenses.

  • Track your money flow

If you are spending money here and there, buying things without having a second thought on where the money is going. Then you are making a big mistake.

Spending money without being conscious of their flow can result in leakage of your money. The money will run out before you know it, leaving you with an empty pocket.

To ensure the security of your money you need to track down your flow of money. You need to be conscious that where your money is going and for what reason.

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This can help you to invest in practical amenities.

  • Investing in stock markets

When you are talking about financial management, future financial management should also need to be a part of it.

You cannot hope for the current financial stability in the future. Start investing some of your savings for the future. This way you can make yourself use the money in the right way.

Hire a professional expert who has ample knowledge about the stock market and can give you useful advice on your investment.

  • Buying property

If you are planning a long-term financial plan. Buying property can be one of your plans in the to-do list. Buying property not only ensures an asset for you but also let you invest for your future.

It also acts as an emergency fund. In times of financial crisis, you can sell off your property for instant cash. You can even get bank loans, or rent it out for monthly income.

When you are buying a property, you are investing in your future as well as restricting yourself from unnecessary expenditures.

  • passive income

What is better than having more than one source of income? Having more than one source of income helps you to have more financial freedom.

It helps you to stand strong financially. Passive income is an answer to your many questions. It reduces the anxiety of the future and its results. If you are financially strong, you can plan for the future however you like.

Passive income gives you the freedom to choose the kind of work you like rather than working for just paying your bills.

  • Clear your debt

Before planning your financial management, you need to clear out all your debt. Debt can be vicious in nature. It can corrode you from inside.

Your whole plan can fall into jeopardy if you have a loan on your shoulder. Paying off your bills and loan’s monthly instalments will leave you dry, nothing left to save for the other things.

It is advisable to pay-off all your loans before making a financial management plan. Or you can add it to your plan, but your number one priority should be to clear off all your debt.

  • Create an emergency fund

Financial planning also needs to include a section of an emergency fund. A financial crisis can hit you at any moment, you need to prepare yourself beforehand.

A financial crisis is a situation when you need money but you do not have at your disposal at that moment. You may have in other forms but not in cash. That is when emergency funds come to the picture.

There are many people who do not give much importance to emergency funds. But soon realize its importance after facing a financial crisis.


Are you really up for it? Are you willing to work hard enough to maintain your financial stability?

Financial stability can only be attained with a proper finance management plan. And stick with it till the end no matter what happens.

I have highlighted some of the plans that can help you in making yourself self-sufficient.

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